Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chinese Strategy

Everyone with an eye turned towards this country's finances already knows we're in a deep hole and up to our necks with Chinese loans and investments in the Country's operations. We just turned another $$TRILLION Dollar year.
You may have noticed on the News programming lately....the Dems are bellyaching that China is manipulating their stock market with hope of influencing ours. And according to the Dems, China is doing it with the expressed intent of helping Republicans in November.
Has it ever dawned on you that they might just be correct?
Let's say that China is an investor who has given money hand over fist to an endeavor(They have). Now suppose the principles in that endeavor are blowing thru the initial seed money (They are - at an alarming rate). What if they eventually began partying and using that investment for the keg money -- and were totally ignoring the project that was initially financed?
If that investor was able to manipulate the conditions for putting a grown-up in control of the investment to turn the project around and make it actually complete it's course and begin a return on the investment instead of pissing it all away on a good time??
Any of you think the Chinese don't have a pretty good idea who is a better manager of their interest???
Pretty soon, it all boils down to the money...and the desire to turn a profit.
Right now, this is the best roaring endorsement for the Republican management China.

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