Friday, September 5, 2008

Barack Obama isn't on the same page as McCain

So, the dems will be sitting there reading this and going ...duh!!

We all sat there last night watching John McCain explain what he meant when he coined the "Country First" message. It appears that Obama had already thought he'd figured it out. It was naturally-in his mind- an attack on his patriotic stance. Unfortunatly, in his self-absorbed and censorious-minded critique... he completely overlooked a much simpler examination of the slogan.

John McCain then wrapped up the slogan as he addressed the Convention. Part of me wonders if Obama was smart enough to feel any humility.
McCain was , as many of us are, self-absorbed once, too. Right up until the long months and years he spent after his capture. He intimated how allegiance to America, as well as embracing it just to piss off his captors, was instrumental in keeping him sane, and giving he and his fellow captives a purpose worth living for. This is probably where John McCain's first "maverick" tendencies came from, to be blatantly honest. "Keep hope alive, because it really infuriates my captors...."
But alas, let's get back to the definition of "Country First"...
What McCain meant with the phrase was, that after a beginning in life that was all about him...he was shown (by the grace of God??) that his Country was actually first. That he wasn't supposed to be worried about being served...but that he was supposed to be serving his country. It is this turning point , and his embracing a greater love for America than he had for himself.

And this is a mark that Obama has not reached. I hope someday he will...but it just hasn't happened yet. So he will continue to think that McCain is questioning his patriotism, when that was never the case. Look kids...maturity is not overrated. And you will find out firsthand -if you live long enough.


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