Thursday, September 11, 2008

Loudoun County fiscal conservatives -let me rephrase the approach

After recent discussions with a few people I won't identify, it has come to my attention that there are too many cooks fussing over how this pot of beans gets cooked.
LCSB has their thumb all over the selection of one school over another, often working behind the scenes to get statements withdrawn, or reports that they've seen buried, so that the direction they want taken is the only one available to the lesser informed.
I've also seen evidence that yet another party will not take no for an answer when groups of people reject this particular party's rhetoric. That's steering from both sides, and it does all of us citizens a great injustice.

I'm still all for watching the bottom line, but I think the only way we do this is to seperate the schools being discussed and argue each on it's merits. As an overall thought process, I want to see Lambert vetted properly (drop the $16 MIL horse plop) and also - probably more important- I'd like to see the financing of Lenah shot down, but also see a renegotiation on the property. ALOT has happened to the market in the past 15 months, and the sum of the current offer is assinine, given that developers are "lining up" to sell properties to the school board now that building houses on their parcels doesn't look promising. Greenvest is way out of line on the price, and the school board was way too generous with your dollars in negotiating with them.
Chime in....


Anonymous said...

Dean, you have done well here (after your initial tech difficulties) with sticking to facts and demanding hard evidence.

I hope you keep the standards you've stated, because I have to tell you, the whole aroma of secret inside sources and confidential evidence smacks of LI and tc.

Can I guess who your consulting ecologist is?


The Bulletproof Monk said...

Uh, I'm openly stating that I found BOTH sides jockeying for position (and I do mean that some ethical bounds were crossed , in my opinion), I've kinda conceded to part of your version of one of the players, because that's what I discovered.The other still appears to be squeeky clean.

So, I'm not sure where you had to go and try to smear the TC group, or Loudoun Insider.We've been very effective in cleaning up the County offices, and if that particular service is needed to do it again, I do not think any of the "posse" would hesitate. We're pretty much anti-corruption, not anti-partisan.
And the real Loudoun Insider ain't an ecologist. Do we have to go thru the conspiracy theories again?