Sunday, September 14, 2008

The VERY apparent bias in the liberal media

Look, I know that most journalism classes are also taken in conjunction with more liberal fields of study...but this is rediculous.
Lately, EVERY liberal media spin cycle has gone off the deep end investigating the junior member of the Republican ticket. They've wasted a full two to three weeks of what should have been Obama's campaign to show his own strengths against McCain. The press SHOULD have had the sense to at least appear to remain unbiased and professional. They have all pointed out her Mayoral skill set (inaccurately) and outright ommitted the fact that as Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin was responsible for an $11 BIL budget, and all of 156,000 employees.
Right now, even, the rank and file of the Far Left is rolling up the real estate beneath their "Messiah" and throwing it at the Palin wall to see how much of it sticks. A quick trip to quickly sets the misinformation right... It IS the year 2008, after all.

Speaking of the ability to instantly access such information via a computer...The Obama campaign stepped in another pile last week as they put it forth that McCain is somehow less technical than the youth because of his age. Given that this played to the masses at large, and that by the very demographics of those who actually vote in elections, Obama just dissed the larger demographic when he tried to embrace the smaller and younger one.
And in the end, even the facts backfired on them here. McCain is recognised as one of the most technically abreast fellows in the legislation, and that's proven by his numerous committee positions in the matter.

What is the actual end-game, here? (Not the one that the liberal press wants, I'll guarantee you)
That everyday Americans, honest working class people....get tired of the smear, and they see the liberals for what they are. They let it all hang out for the past three weeks, and in front of America....they cannot put that jack back in the box.


Joe Budzinski said...

After what the NY Times did this weekend I think we can say this is the most rabid, knee-jerk media onslaught in memory. The NYT has given up any notion of objectivity and the rest of the mainstream media is following suit.

But they tried a similar, though more nuanced, thing in 2004, aided by Michael Moore and George Soros, and it did not work. I think this time they exploded and went too far, and voters are going to be very skeptical about what they are "reporting."

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Joe, some of us (that's you AND me)remember the NYT's story EARLY in the year of McCain's affair with a lobbyist.....void of facts , as it was...
The Washington Post is no different. They featured no less than (and probably more than) three hit pieces on Palin.

If we wanted to galvanize Republicans...(and although we've never tried it in the 28 years I've been politickin'...why not use democratic meltdown EVERY year from here on in? It seems to work like a charm.

Joe Budzinski said...

Yeah, they definitely tipped their hands as to what it takes to drive them berserk.