Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Good 'Ol Boys Network attempts a comeback....again.

Those same old worn out echoes from so long ago filled the internet (and some phone lines) more recently, when Andy Resnick and Dale Polen Myers again teamed up to make disparaging comments about the current LCRC, which neither is a member of and which neither can speak of, with any objectivity, the status of that organization. Except this time, their old friend Brian showed them how an anonymizer site works.

As a member of that Committee, I can tell all of Loudoun that the Loudoun County Committee is strong, and gaining membership rapidly. The current pot-stirring concerns certain members of the past LCRC who still hold a grudge (and in this capacity have elected not to join the current LCRC--or at least remain inside of the committee. However, a couple who I thought had dropped this rediculous and moribund set of issues are indeed still members and are thereby bound by the Chairman's direction, or have the option of removing themselves from the Committee)

The mess on other blogs has been purposefully set before us as "democrat" opposition, when in fact the very actions of these people indicate that the greater democrat representation of Loudoun is not specifically involved.
The "build-out set"(that is those who ran the old committee on a bastardization of property rights that more closely resembled "profit" rights has combined with elements of a fractured democrat regime that the LCDC would do well to distance themselves from publicly.) has contributed heavily, because it is the only audience that the group is actually getting these days.

How do I know this? Look on any Loudoun Democrat's blogs and webspaces, and you'll see a crack at Eugene Delgaudio somewhere on the pages of each. (and I'll admit that much of the time, he brings it on himself) But on this latest trainwreck of a blog, there are no such attacks.
That's because the blog is really about a small number of issues which are near and dear to the Good 'Ol Boys Network of Loudoun, of which Eugene is a member of.

Now, I have a fair enough relationship with Eugene, so I'm not castigating him on all of his issues, but the one in this case that's strong enough to join a few democrats with his particular view on a singular issue?? INOVA Hospital. And who are the bunch that's lined up to push BRMC out of the County, if it were left to them??

The Real Estate witch, several members of her failed attempts to run independents against the Republican races to Convention , a couple of the Board members at Inova, and a whole host of the Good 'Ol Boy's Network are involved behind ANY attempt to throw York out, and instantly defame anyone who dares to run against Poisson. Throw in Andy Resnick (a Dave Poisson operative) as the host of this trainwreck, define his purpose...and walla!!
You have the cast behind the first rumblings of this crapfest...

Please read the whole thread of comments and you'll begin to get the history behind the trainwreck that erupted more recently when they thought they had an opening. Outright lies and agitprop with plenty of foofaraw dressing is the standard fare with this bunch, so consider yourself warned. You have to investigate each of their claims individually, but you'll discover that they are prone to stretching truth and in some cases, inventing it.


playing ketchup said...

What I don't get is how Inova can try to have it both ways. They "owned" the old Board and kept competition out once. How is that that they are trying to suddenly change their strips and become the Democrats best friends to keep competition out twice?

I hope the democrats see the job Inova did with their Republican supporters last time - only one won.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Well, that's not an INOVA curse, in so much as it was a Posse/PAC/indictments-on-the-horizon-deal, dude.
But it is a DPM-endorsed plan...
So, it will definitely be interesting to see what is in the immediate futures of those who voted for INOVA, and against Loudoun's Citizens the last time out.

Loudoun Insider said...

Excellent post. I see your battling BM at the other site, but I have to say that those threads have jumped the shark. As usual BM will tire anyone's patience. With her as their cheif blog spokesperson I am confident her side will lose. I really believe she has no clue how utterly annoying she is.
As to INOVA and the new board, one of the Dems main "operatives" is Andy Resnick, who just happens to work in government relations for INOVA. We'll see how they work the Dems through him.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Barbara doesn't bother me. I got used to her switchbacks a few years ago, and I am more than able to keep her straight when she attempts (tragically most of the time) to put words in my mouth.

And as if they didn't comprehend what was happening, a junior (and I mean JUNIOR in that they aren't as good as they think they are, and more precisely NOT ANYWHERE NEAR AS EFFECTIVE as Munsey is--which isn't very effective at all)jumps in and tried the same lame word swap...all trying to attribute words and meanings to me that I never espoused.
If that's the "dream team", I'm looking forward to more of the game, because it's so easy to put something in front of them and watch them bat it around, all the while whittling away any credibility thay might have started with.

Tired of Good Ole Boys & Girls said...

Innova is upset that they cannot control this Board the way the did the prior board. Case in point, which they focus many ads on. The so-called "Loudoun Health Plan". This was brought up by Loudoun Hospital, prior to being bought, as a way to maintain their independence and financial viability. From conception (via LHI's attorney's) to public hearing it only took six weeks. Then it was approved in less than 4 weeks. An incredible short time given the scope and nature of the topic. Why? You can only assume the wheels were greased and ready to roll. Tullock and his crew via DPM were only too ready to help.

Anonymous said...

Hey Monk,
Interesting theory you've got here. I promise, I'll get around to Eugene in due time. Right now I'm doing some homework on the school folks as you and LI suggested. I'm compiling some numbers for something more than a half-assed rant. I do appreciate the post. All this hypothesizing is a hoot. Thanks for keeping Babs occupied. I don't know how any one person could keep up with her.

ps: I've known how to use anonymizers for sometime.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Great that you point out the anonymizer. I'm a kind of in-your-face-bring-the-ass-whooping-on guy...but if you don't possess the gnads for that. I suppose we'll just have to continue to consider the concrete (sic) as it is....

The Bulletproof Monk said...

There isn't alot of theory to it, slick. You know it, and I know it. The only thing that you want is for me to drop it because you'd rather not have it announced anywhere.

Anonymous said...

BPM - Please note the Independent candidates you note in your post both publicly supported BRMC, that conflicts with your conspiracy theory (at least as far as these candidates).

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Independent candidates ??
Who are you calling Independent?? DPM? Or Resnick??
I assure you that one of them is FIRMLY in league with the Democrats, and the other has a deep cycle with INOVA.

If you want a Resnick pop-up, all you have to do is mention a run against Poisson in the 32nd. Try it. You'll be amused.
If you want a DPM sighting, you only need to parade Scott York out in any venue, and you'll be able to witness another venom-filled e-mail gone public.(unless she's going thru her e-mail contacts list looking for the TC plant.)

Scott York is the Independent, here, slick. Do try to keep up.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

In re-reading this post (due to a link on one of my statcounter paths)I think what 'ol Op was indicating above was Jack -- I didn't win the Loudoun Convention so I totally turned on my own word, and ran as an Indy--- Ryan supported BRMC.
Ugh...everyone....Jack Ryan's father is an INOVA Board Member. What do YOU think the chances were that Ryan was going to vote for HCA??

Seriously, though.