Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Not for the lack of effort....

What I saw on Election Day was the way a proper ground war is run. There were massive phone banks, there were numerous precinct walks, and Melinda did a supreme job with the 72 Hour game, and was busy WELL BEFORE that time frame, too. As a previous member of several years (having dropped membership thruout a particularly disturbing period of the Committee) and a current member of just over a year, I can say without a hitch, that Glen Caroline ran and organized one of the most intense county efforts I've ever witnessed. (And my first time out the gate was for Reagan in 1978). In Loudoun, on the last week of calling, when the volunteers ran up against 9:00PM locally, they were still jazzed enough to call Colorado until it was 9:00PM there, too...

At the end of it all, if the whole McCain loss were a boat with a bad leak, the LCRC ran the pails much more effciently than many of her Va. neighbors, and much of the Country. The loss could have been huge, but it wasn’t anywhere near as catastrophic as it coud have been locally.

I see this newly fused LCRC as the model from which the State Party should be patterned in the future . There will always be some dissagreement, but we pushed the naysayers aside and forged ahead, our duties on display. We are inclusive, and the only ones we do not tolerate are those who attempt to misdirect the effort, nor those who chock the wheels, preventing forward motion, and this year will be our testament to a turning point.
We all worked as a team….dare I say, a machine. Having worked alongside of these fantastic people, I have a crystal clear picture of who is worth knowing, and who picked their feet up and let us push on their behalf.

This isn’t a club where “talk” is enough to stay. We need committed individuals to join an outstanding group to shoulder the loads and offer the County a clear champion for it’s citizens. And I don’t care what your particular issue is, so long as you can fall in and do your part, I'll always be glad to work alongside of you.

I’m very thankful for the whole Committee’s team and for Melinda out in the Sterling Office. I’d absolutely go out of my way for ANY ONE of these folks. They are the very definition of spirit, dedication and character. If anyone hasn’t made these people’s aqaintance, your life is not as rich as mine.

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