Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Senator Obama has a rally in Leesburg.

INTERESTINGLY, however, were the massive amount of Maryland and D.C. tags that lined every street that I traversed in my efforts to find a parking spot.
And then again, as I tried to navigate North on Rt. 15 towards Lovettsville that evening after the event. The road was all but choked with Maryland and D.C. tags.

Since all of Judy Feder's campaign money came from Montgomery County in the Socialist State of Md. ---is it too far of a fling to see them coming across the river to see their Messiah?

And what a tolerant bunch, too. Several of us were in the VIP area, when we whipped out McCAIN/Palin banners right in front of "the One". One of the supporters actually came over and grabbed those signs. So much for the pesky First Amendment, right? (I've seen Obama signs at McCain Rallies and they were not grabbed, but the rest of those attending all got a good laugh at the misguided idiots holding them--since we all recognized that without alot of those in attendance, their right and ability to display those signs would have been squat.)

I ended up in an interview with BBC when the reporter who had seen us raise the banners asked me how I felt to have had it ripped away. I summed it up quickly, and hope that it ends up in full report, and not lay in pieces on the cutting room floor.
This country is proud of the right to voice an opinion where the mere utterance is not cause for torture or retribution towards the speaker after or during the fact. I then offered the same point that I made above regarding Obama signs in Republican events.

All in all, this was not such a large rally. There were somewhere around 8000 people in attendance, far below the projected nubers I'd heard before the event. And when we take into account that ALOT of those present were ACTUALLY from Maryland and the District, it impacts the actual numbers representing Loudoun.

The other shoe will drop on Monday when Palin is scheduled for a rally in Leesburg. I promise not to yank any Obama signs out of any misguided hands that day. I am, after all, a very civil and gregarious kind of guy.

UPDATE: LeeJ has again lost his mind and is ranting again.
” So Monk how did it feel to have your McCain sign ripped away from you????”

To tell you the truth, it’s exactly what I expected from an intolerant blowhard with regard to my first amendment RIGHT. (you remember those don’t you- because I can assure you that the very people who thought that the Bush Patriot Act was “the devil” just turned around and did it one better ). That I didn’t put a foot in his gut and fight to keep that sign is a testament to my temperment. It was all about drawing the EXACT reaction from those there that I got. It was my desire to be documented on BBC and a couple of other news outlets that I did interviews with after the incident. And it highlighted the fact that those people will gladly trample the rights(especially the First Amendment to the Constitution) of those who don’t share their lunacy


The Bulletproof Monk said...

The first rule of posting here: Tone the language down. And never....I mean never... expiate the same old drivel that's been clearly debunked. It makes you look simple in front of those who are aware that it's been debunked.
Having said that, have a nice day.

Lee J. said...

Monk by drivel do you mean if it is your drivel it will get posted??? And anyone that disagrees with you sharply is censored???? Hmmm I wonder if you will ever post my post.

America was founded on freedom of speech and separation of church and state among a million other ideas.

So be it, it is your blog and nobody is posting to including your own posse.

What do you think Monk this means??????

You will not get lively discussions when you censor out posts that you highly disagree with and that is the true American way. Perhaps I am more Republican then you since I don't follow blindly!!!!!!!!

The Bulletproof Monk said...

No, Lee. In case you are too simple to read it...or you just whizzed on by it in a rush to regurgitate your "drivel"...I'll point it out again. DO NOT expiate the same old drivel that's been debunked as outright horsecrap.

There isn't any over-the-top profanity in your post, so I cannot think of a reason not to publish it. Now...since you didn't have access to the other comment (you didn't...did you?)don't you feel absolutely silly that you're commenting on something you never even had a gander at. Are you dabbling in the paranormal, now??

"America was founded on freedom of speech and separation of church and state among a million other ideas."

Indeed it was, Lee. And I celebrate the First Amendment MUCH MORE than the turd who violated my First Amendment Rights at the Obama Rally. Funny how that whole argument seems to be tilted by you whackjobs to be one-sided.

"So be it, it is your blog and nobody is posting to including your own posse." You ARE dabling in the Paranormal, you motor-boatin' sunofabitch!!!! But you do need to tune up those tin-foil hat antennas...They missed an accurate traffic log by miles. I experience a large amount of traffic hits during every business day, and I DO have access to the actual logs, unlike you.

"Perhaps I am more Republican then you since I don't follow blindly!!!!!!!!" Ummmm...yeah, Lee. I think you're so open-minded that your brain fell out somewhere on the way to this posting. I'll point out again that in the 6 years I've been on LCRC, I have yet to see you grace the door. I've sat on Executive Committees, Political Action Committees, and even Bipartisan Committees. In all those years and associations, you popped up on TC about a week before the BDBBBeerBash and walked in the door there like you had helped all along. You're a Johnny-come-lately, Lee.

No more, no less.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

To all: Let me be clear, as Lee tries to muddy the waters. I do not hold comments back based on content that is reasonable or worthy of debate. However, if your posting rehashes issues that are readily disproved(like TWO WEEKS AGO)then I will not entertain going thru the garbage again.
And I caution that any harsh language (I mean the hardcore and really potty-mouth stuff, not an occasional colorful word)will not be tolerated.