Friday, October 24, 2008

The short case against Barack Obama

And then the long one.

First up is Capital Gains taxes. If these rates go to 30%, as Obama has indicated he will strive to achieve, you can kiss job creation goodbye. By trying to appeal to the job seekers and the working class by actively using Class Warfare, Obama can effectively curtail any new job creation with a single sweeping rise in Capital Gains taxes. Those that have the money actually do reinvest that money to make more money. One of the biggest side effects and benefits from them doing so is the creatiuon of jobs. These folks generally make 25% on their initial investment, but it's risky because of the high return. They could make the 25% ...or with equal ease, they could lose their initial investment. As if the stakes weren't already high enough, Obama could stifle all that activity by a rise to a 30% penalty for removal of those monies from protected areas ...immediately trouncing the 25% gamble that these folks already face.
In short, don't hate these folks for trying to make more money and providing employment for millions as they do very afraid when they decide not to gamble and just leave the money in the protected "floorboard cracks" as they acrue a modest 3 to 4% on what they already have.
And they're in a prime position to just leave it there until Obama is gone, which is exactly what will happen when he produces no jobs over his four year reign.
This is complicated by the view he holds on socialism... or "spreading the wealth around".
He's said he'll give 95% of folks a refund. Since 40% already get a refund, or better yet...don't even file a tax form, this amounts to wealth redistribution... again on the shoulders of those who provide the jobs in the first place.
JUST IN: an important confirmation about Obama and wealth redistribution. In this recording, from a 2001 call-in Public Radio talk show in Chicago, Obama (who was then a university lecturer) explains that the Civil Rights movement's primary shortcoming was that the litigation it pursued failed to address redistribution of wealth. This puts the lie to assertions such as the one made by General Powell that he is a moderate and does not intend to pursue such policies.

Has anyone ever had a poor person or one that makes a $100K household (that's Daddy AND Momma) earning give them a job? ...and mowing their grass once a week doesn't count.

Next up is his healthcare plan. What Hawaii learned sometime back as they presented a dead ringer for Obama's plan is that presented with those who pay for insurance, and those that recieve it free from the governent...those that previously paid for it would let their paid insurance go, and opt instead for the "free" coverage. This worked so well for Hawaii, that they actually halted the program after a mere 7 months, and it ended up severely in the red.

We continue with the intolerance of his campaign to hear dissenting views. They'd rather not be bothered with people who shoot legitimate holes in his plans, and they're ready to use the courts to shut those people up for good. There will be no freedom of speech under Obama, because his minions have already demonstrated that they're prepared to use Gestapo tactics against anyone who does not fall in line.

Further, Obama's standing as a legitimate candidate is in jeopardy due to the fact that he will not produce a birth certificate for inspection. Despite the fact that no trash can in Alaska has been left unturned, a simple request for a birth certificate and school records has never been provided.

If we go further, his associations with domestic terrorists (let's go further, and call them UNREPENTANT domestic terrorists) is of grave concern. If Obama claims the highest post in the Nation, a domestic terrorists will have the ear of a sitting President. This would have never been tolerated during the Bush years by the opposition, yet Obama is excused, and his minions are all too happy to explain it away.

And as the last issue I'll address (but not nearly completing a list of the deficient qualities of "the One") there is his uncanny ability to be all things to all people. Bill Clinton even had trouble with this one. Obama is smooth. But his record is thin. Very thin. Aside from writing a book or two, he has no accomplishments. He sat thru (and we mean SAT THRU) his Illinois Senate period, with 150 "present" votes. He has scarcely 134 days in the Senate before he began to manage his campaign.... He failed to come back to Washington to excercise his responsibilities as a sitting Senator, and his minions even poked fun at McCain for doing exactly that.
He failed to vote for the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac regulation asked for by McCain in May, 2006 (while Frank, Waters, Dodd, Schumer and others voted against it, Obama must have been hiding in the Cloak room... doing one better on his previous "present" votes.


Anonymous said...

good post, BPM. This takes a look at precisely the things that Americans need to be concerned about in tough economic times. The Obama/Democrat view of the tax code is toxic for economic recovery. They absolutely can't help themselves and with large Democratic majorities in both houses, the President is going to have to be Horatio at the Bridge to protect the country. Obama has his points, but I knew J
Horatio, Horatio was a friend of mine, and Senator Obama is no Horatio.

NoVA Scout

The Bulletproof Monk said...

The case against "the One" will only grow more legs to stand on if Obama becomes President.
In order to support his agenda, we have to venture that he has discovered the trees that money grows on, and is intent on picking all that imaginary money from them to float his agenda.
Back here in reality, those trees are us.

Anonymous said...

Everyone reading and posting here would be well served by spending their time researching the claims they are making. It takes me just a few minutes to debunk just about posted here by going to a couple of web fact checkers. Try doing some research then having intelligent unbiased discussion. What a novel idea.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Well, then anonymous....get to debunkin'!!!(You'll excuse me if I don't take your word on that. Most of those who are in such a deep and regrettable denial are blind in one eye and can't see too clearly out of the other one.)
The parts that are supported by films (like the Obama footage and Waters/Frank/Dodd in defense of Fannie and Fred footage and the Obama voting record)should take a little bit longer to refute.
I mean for starters, you'd have to blow up the internet....because erasing all of the data and the servers that hold that data will take forever!!!

Like most criminals really hated the creation and use of store and security cameras, Politicians will have to learn what they say and do -- can and will come back to bite them in their asses. It also makes it a MOTHER to rewrite history at their leisure.