Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tell ya what I betcha.

The markets suffered again today as more and more corporation money gets shoved down in the cracks before Obama's Reign of Terror. These businesses have looked down the road, and they've already imagined the damage as Obama raises the Capital Gains taxes on their money.
In an extremely short-sighted view, Obama really thinks that these companies will pay more up front to help him out of a budgetary "black hole".

What he, and every other democrat (they seem to really believe that "it's not fair" equals an economic degree) think that if they collect more money from the big guys who earned it, they can redistribute it to the more "needy". What they effectively overlook (and any REAL economics degree can tell you) is that that Capital Gains pool is brought out and reinvested into jobs and production when the penalty is not so severe that it trumps the return on that money.

These corporations and companies do not owe anything to any of us. They reinvest the Capital Gains back into the market to get a return on that money. They gamble enough as it is. The investments at that level of the game can make huge returns....or crash and burn on the whim of the market.
It's that nature of the stakes that the "hope and change" candidate does not now, nor will ever understand, because in all of his life, he may have made large sums, but he's never reinvested it, nor has he been on the "paying" end of a Capital Gains tax.

I'm going to stick by my guns. If Obama is President on January One, we're headed straight down into a deep recession. If McCain wins out, the floorboards open and the wealth of investment that lead to job creation will flow again. It's 1976 all over again.

The number one thing that we need at this point is job creation (in itself it is a sort of wealth redistribution--although those that recieve their paychecks from that job creation do indeed have to work for it) and without that....the 16% unemployment rates and interests rates that bring inflation can't be far behind.

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