Friday, October 3, 2008

So, we might say that the left-leaning media pulled a fast one?

Consider this. Palin did VERY well in her interviews with Gibson and Couric, but America will never know that because the 70% of the interview where she trumped these windbags is still laying on the cutting room floor. And every liberal in America has just had their feet whipped out from under them when the FULL transcripts are read in context and in their entirety.

No wonder Palin became frustrated and seemed to not want to answer some questions. She probably already knew she was damned if she did, and damned if she didn't. The "editing" of the tape by political hacks already in the bag for Obama should ENRAGE every voter out there who still believes in straight shooting and an honestly nuetral approach by journalists.

What the liberal-leaning press has done here is breached it's trust with Americans. We can no longer believe what they tell us. We will gravitate to Fox News in droves upon the revelation that we were lied to by someone we were supposed to be able to trust as our information source.

The fallout from this will be huge. After years of sly manipulation from the shadows, this year, the emboldened mainstream media finally stepped in it for all to see.

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