Friday, October 24, 2008

The Obama camp is pretty clear on their vision for America

If you like throwing out everything that is America right now, and replacing it with rampant socialism.

A very well written piece that uses the words of the Obama supporters and associations to explain exactly why you WILL be taxed under Obama, and how he sees the world, and how he intends to change it. Trust me, America...after four years under the Obama Regime, you will be begging for another change. But by that point, it may be too late. The damage will be done, and there will be no fixing it with another election.
Look ...Carter made an inexpereinced decision on Iran (and who we'd support there ) way back in the late 70's. THAT MISTAKE is at the root of our problem with Iran even today, thirty years later. There was no "do-over", there was no reversing the damage. There are members of our armed services that died very recently because of Jimmy Carter's vision for Iran in 1977.

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