Wednesday, December 10, 2008

And in the "just for fun" venue...

Or, maybe the WTF? column...
Most of you are familiar with the big beast I drive. I ventured far and wide, and could never find a vehicle that carried all I needed to carry, sipped fuel instead of gulped it, and went where I needed to go without hesitation. So I had to build it.

Now, I've recieved plenty of ribbing from those who are unfamiliar with the very nature of the beast. But once they've seen it perform, and become aware that this thing still gets 20 mpg on the highway... they usually cease laughing.


This has been a 3 year build, starting with the custom 4x4 suspension under it. I designed the suspension and drew it out on an AutoCad program, and then a local welder and I executed the installation to the truck's frame. The rear is a 1999 E-350 Superduty Sterling. (That's one and a 1/4 ton duty ...for those unfamiliar with the hardware) I have a matching one ton axle for the front. I'm still drawing up that suspension, with improvements to the current setup.

I have an 8000 lb. winch up front, and a 9500 lb. winch ready to install as a backup unit. There is a plethora of snatch blocks, tree straps and other pulling gear in the truck, as well.

The picture provided here is a mockup of the truck's upcoming surgery in the spring. It still is more van than truck right now, but with the surgery in the spring, it'll become more truck.

UPdate: Evidently, LeeJ -of Oppressive Word fame - thinks that I drive this truck for my ego.
What he overlooks, or is flatout too stupid to compute is... I'm a contractor. I have a number of crews that build stuff. And I need a truck (the bigger the better) to pull 1200 to 4000 lbs. loads on a frequent occasion.
Lee's a builder, too. Which makes me wonder how he carries his materials.....One can wonder.


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