Sunday, December 28, 2008

You don't mess with the Zohan

All the action in Israel and Palestine is oddly familiar.
Oh yes! Let's revisit July 12 & 13 of 2006... The last time the Israelis kicked the bejesus outta Hamas/Hezbollah in Lebanon. You gotta hand it to those Israelis... when they peel the lid off of the can of whoop-ass, they don't play around.
So, it's no suprize that Hamas got their asses handed to them again this week.This is a recap of the last time someone tried to do that.

You see, the Israelis have a three pronged plan for complete annihilation of anyone stupid enough to give them crap.
First, they isolate a border or region for for an exercise. Then they close off water and power to that grid.
And the third part really gets your attention. They bomb, mortar and then march across that grid and they kill anything that's still resistant. Usually, by the time you're at step two, it's already too late.
The sooner Hamas and Hezbollah recognize this, the sooner they can get over this whole fued thing.

The Israelis should kick these terrorist organizations to the curb. Palestine might actually have a shot at obtaining land and status after that. These Hamas clowns keep stepping on any peace process and generous land offers that the Israelis make. Kinda like a few Republican folks I know here. All or nothing mentality. They do not know how to negotiate for changes. They push worthless campaigns that only hurt them in front of the very people they claim they are working for.

UPDATE: What is being found on most of the firepower and shells aimed at Israel is Iranian, and even some Syrian stuff. Big suprize there, right? I'm telling you all right here, and right now...that President Elect Obama had BETTER get his head straight on what he's going to do when (not if) Israel lights Iran up.....with the nuclear option. That's right. When Iran gets close enough to actually be capable of launching a nuke in the immediate future, there will not be an Iranian Government (existing) to push that button.


Tired of Good Ole Boys & Girls said...

Agree with your assessment BPM. Many military leaders can learn a great deal from reviewing the Israeli's military campaigns over the last two decades. When the decision is made to wage a campaign they go full bore and do not let up on the gas until the mission is complete. This is not always the politically correct way but war is not meant to be waged by politicians. Once the order is given get the hell out of the way and let the military do its thing. The US can learn a thing or two from the Israeli's.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Agreed. And if you watched the UN response to these Israeli responses've no doubt seen that even the UN recognizes when they've witnessed Israel's step two. They've laid on the horn both times when they realized that Israel was going full bore....