Friday, December 26, 2008

The Asperity of Desideratum

We've been over this. Here and Here
And then , in the last week, immediately before Christmas...
INOVA did it again. They actively pursued and attempted to pull a fast one in Leesburg's Town Council. They precipitated the rumor that if HCA comes to Broadlands, Cornwall Campus will somehow be affected and will need to be closed due to funding issues.

Now, what was interesting about HCA's response, was that they sent a letter saying that IF Cornwall was ever in trouble, they'd send funds to assure that it stayed open. That should have been the end of the discussion, because a very PUBLIC guarantee has just been made. Now, HCA will HAVE to honor it. So, now that Leesburg's worries are solved...

We move on to a picture of Bob Lazaro, and John Chapman, as it appeared in the Purcellville Gazette. Mr. Chapman and his building in Purcellville, have lined up with INOVA in blaming HCA for the lack of filling those offices, because INOVA wanted to play a round of dirty politics in pulling out of Purcellville. As a businessman, WHY ON EARTH would one ever "nail" one's business hopes and leasing opportunities to ONE company to the exclusion of all others?? Is John a good decision maker? From the evidence he's tossing around in the papers...I have to pause and evaluate his possible LACK of business sense, given the current economic storm we're about to weather.

HCA has their hands full right now, but I have NO DOUBT, that as good business folks that they are...they will most likely perform a county medical needs assessment that will no doubt include an outreach to communities like Purcellville, Lovettsville, and Middleburg.

By excluding HCA from his business circle, he just dissed a very important client who'd have been enthusiastic to do business with him and his building... If he hadn't played such a huge part in a very nasty and negative campaign against their hospital, without an awful lot of thought about what to do when they actually are given the go-ahead by the BOS to build their hospital...

John, you've got alot to learn about picking the side of your bread that should be buttered. And even more to learn about WHEN to butter it at all, because that usually precipitates a flurry of calls regarding your office space. When you butter the bread too quick, and all on one just cut those inquiries in half...You slammed a door on an opportunity that you may have needed.

UPDATE: I've recieved documentation on INOVA's previous promise to have the Purcelville and Middleburg facilities online back in 2006.

LHI is currently working to add four new healthcare facilities in Loudoun County, to be operationalby the summer of 2006. The new facilities include a health clinic located in Middleburg, as well as a 20,000 square-foot facility in Purcellville, another in Lovettesville and a mobile clinic at Dulles International Airport.

The facilities planned by LHI have already found funding through the organization╩╝s merger with Inova Health System. The merger agreement included Inova╩╝s pledge of $200 million to be used for Loudoun Hospital upgrades, four new facilities, and construction of an urgent care center south of Dulles on Route 50, to be converted into a full-service hospital in the future.

This also begs the question .... Since INOVA has $2BIL of tax free money in the bank, how is HCA going to strap INOVA over anything?? I do not run around pledging money that I don't already have set aside for a promise. Seems INOVA pledged money to a project, and then went about building a fund to fulfill that promise??

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