Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yet another amatuerish mistake...

I suppose everyone remembers the Fimian (scorched earth)Campaign... This bunch of paid bloggers, mean-spirited jackasses, and roll-over and obliterate-it-at-any-expense thugs.....single-handedly insured that a large majority of Herrity's people wouldn't lift a finger to help Fimian after he plowed on through. Fimian lost painfully to one of the most liberal Pelosi lapdogs, Gerry Connolly, in the 11th Congressional District. Given the climate that year, perhaps it should have been a cakewalk.

Fast forward to George Allen's announcement this week. Already, the blogs and facebook are awash with more rank amatuers doing the bidding of Marshall and Stewart.
Stewart actually steps it up and is quoted as saying "George Allen would be a terrible candidate"

Look, I like Stewart, but that's a wee bit over-the-top for a County Supervisor who's claim-to-flame is illegal immigration. And don't get me wrong, I support Corey on that important issue. But it's a one-trick pony, in comparison to some of the more solid work by Bob Marshall. More on him later.

Corey has some more deep-seated problems closer to home. His vote for a developer, in direct opposition to his promises beforehand, set off a major backlash inside Prince William County, and it even had repercussions out here in Loudoun (seeing as we had just seen this movie in 2003 - 2007.) And Corey wants to represent Loudoun, too??

Now, back to Bob Marshall. Bob is a Gentleman, there is no doubt. But some of his more ...er...enthusiastic followers are, to say the least, not as gentle as Bob.
Bob has championed a number of great causes. He led the revolt against the over-reaching travesty HB3202. He has championed pro- 2nd Amendment bills and defenses.
And so much more.

But , on the downside-- he's also advocated to differ from the USDOD on standards for "Don't ask, don't tell" (in spite of the fact that Virginia's National Guardsmen recieve 80% of their support from DOD, as well as some 90% of other funding....)
He couldn't get thru his first year in the State House without typing the word "abortion" on every bill put before him, and recently, he has advocated for a state currency, something that I always personally thought was a stiff brush against the Constitution that he so ridgidly upholds (his words, not mine).

So, generally, if it's to be anyone based on experience, it's George, or it's Bob.
If we review Bob's (sometimes) whacky productions, I'd prefer that he has the balance of the Republican contingent to counterweight him. Leaving George Allen as the logical and popular candidate to go forth on this quest to unseat Webb.
And as a friend points out...that may not even be necessary. We'll need to see whether this pans out, or not.
An interim appointment by McDonnell would give Allen the seat until he could campaign for it in the next election. And that,folks, is the making of a slam-dunk.


Tom the Redhunter said...

Agreed. The best thing to do now is lay low and let things take their course for awhile. We've got to concentrate on winning in 2011 here in Loudoun before we worry about 2012. One step at a time.

Lovettsville Lady said...

I am becoming more and more convinced that Webb will not run again. The democrats bench is very, very, shallow. http://virginiavirtucon.wordpress.com/2011/01/25/who-will-be-the-dems-va-sen-nominee-in-2012/#comment-53627. George Allen would easily beat any of them!
I love Corey, but he's not ready to run for Senate. Bob? Bob who? No outside of NOVA has ever heard of Bob Marshall!

Mom said...

Bottom line is that Corey is a one-trick pony. The unfortunate thing is that he invariably switches ponies and shoots his previous mount. In his first campaign to fill the vacant chair, he rode smart growth to office. He then jumped on the immigration issue (after Big-Footing Stirrup who did all the hard work) and shot the smart growth pony.

In truth, Corey represents everything that is wrong with the GOP at so many levels. He is inconsistent and untrustworthy, willing to say and do whatever is necessary simply to maintain or gain higher office.

Several weeks ago he chided the state party about the cost of a primary vis a vis a convention and questioned the fiscal responibility of those who would saddle the taxpayer with the expense of a primary. This week he opts for a primary in his own contested race citing concerns that an "insurgent" candidate could pack a convention with his political enemies and I suppose "illegal alien apologists". I guess he doesn't trust the PWC committee leadership or credentials committee, says a lot doesn't it.

The picture is clouded even more by his relationship with other elected Republicans, regardless whether some are perceived as RINOS or not. In his own self-interest he has recently taken pot shots at Ligamfelter, Anderson, Marshall, et al, not to mention the over-the-top comments directed at Allen. Is this really what we want?

The Bulletproof Monk said...

There's alot to respond to in your post, Mom.
Yes, Corey has problems with what he started, and then voted against...as the link above shows.
That's of particular note to Loudoun County, who had 5 supervisors go down that road before him...with dismal results.
For their positions on allowing massive developments, all but one were purged from office....and he SQUEAKED by with 220 votes.

Anyone in Loudoun who's watching that particular failure by Corey won't be happy to see him on the ballot.

I personally agree with Corey on the illegal problem, as well as the court-tested innitiative that he installed in PWC. As a rule, anytime ANYONE is pulled over -- Identification and a check for outstanding warrants is a normal occurence, no matter what the ethnicity of the offender is. They had to do something notable to be pulled over. But riding that one issue to the seat of a US Senator?
There is a whole plethora of issues I need a US Senator to deal with. Allen has run a State as a Governor. He's dealt with large budgets and statewide issues, which closely resemble the issues that are dealt with at the Country level.

As to the selection process, the State already sets out money to asure that contests are a State function, complete with rules and voter protection for a fair outcome. To project anything about the amount of a budgeted allowance SPECIFICALLY for elections should be a valid concern of every resident of the State.

And the flip-flopping over method is indeed unfortunate. I have experienced both, and I'm partial to the primary every time. In the goldfish bowl of a convention, delegates choose the biggest fish (as they see it) and all to often when that fish is released into the bigger pond, it's a minnow.

In the primary, you get a snapshot (albeit smaller - depending on the level of the race)of voter intent. You get to see exactly how popular one party candidate is over another. There is a much better representation of the voting public's choice for any particular election day.

And the overall encompassing tone of this contest should be policy discource, void of opinions about another candidate. As I've indicated, Fimian went forth without all of Herrity's resources. That wasn't Herrity's fault. It was supporters that were so beaten and bruised that they turned on Fimian.
Same thing could happen to any of the other candidates if they don't tone it down a bit.