Friday, January 28, 2011

Made up media stuff that gets repeated ad nauseum

Look at the graph. This is from the Office of Budget Management.....not some right wing blogger. (although I did have to borrow it from one.)
See the penciled information? That was Donnie Ferguson's notes. They are accurate, however, so disprove THAT, but don't flail at Mr. Ferguson for pointing out the obvious.


The first thing you notice is Clinton's term being in the "black". Good for him! I'll never complain about the work that he did to get it there. Or the Congress that made it happen.

The most important thing you need to notice is that starting in 2002, the amount started back into the "red". Hey! Isn't that immediately after the year that America was attacked and ramped up to bring those responsible to justice. Damned skippy it was.

Now, here's the tricky part. Look at the graph in 2002 and look directly over to 2007-8 and see that our deficit spending for the period from 2002 until early 2008 was eliminated.
Sure, it went up in the years between --- but it is exactly back to where it was in 2002 (after those attacks). So we exited 2007 with the deficit where it was in 2002.

Everyone would like it to be less, but what were we supposed to do after 9/11? Suck it up and lob a missile or two and call it good?? Sorry- but THAT can got kicked down the road, and we played the "paper tiger" for FAR too long, and I'd argue that it's realistically the reason for the attacks in the first place.

And then the real ugly truth begins in 2008, with the election of Democrats to the Senate and House majorities in 2008. Pay particular attention to 2008, because the democrat majority in Congress TRIPLED that 2007 figure in one year!

And the last point you notice is the HUGE multiplication of their own excess in 2009.
The dems TRIPLED their TRIPLE.

Now, who likes to bitch about Bush blowing the deficit out ??? Maybe they should abolish all access to the DOCUMENTED truth, so they can continue to feed us bullshit and keep us in the dark.

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