Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Democrat Misconduct??

I'm SHOCKED, I tell ya!!

Being a State Senator means casting difficult votes, and then explaining those votes to your constituents. There should always be healthy debate on the issues of the day and Senators can take a stand...and defend it... one way or the other.

Recently a Democrat member of the Senate's Privileges and Elections Committee squashed that responsibility.

On Tuesday, Democrat Chairman Janet Howell told the committee that she intended to violate the rules and let a sub-committee kill some vital legislation — the Repeal Amendment, which would let 2/3 of states overturn bad laws like ObamaCare and Cap and Trade. Going further , she also intended to kill a measure that would protect our Right to Work laws by including them in the Virginia Constitution.

Her actions are against the Senate rules. When Republicans, lead by Senators Mark Obenshain and Steve Martin, objected to the Democrats breaking of the rules... Democrats did it again and shut down an effort to be sure that the bills got a fair hearing, as you can see in a video that Virginia Virtucon has provided in a thread here.

The Democrats don't really seem to mind that the whole thing is on Youtube, because they've been enboldened by their counterparts in the US Senate and the US House last year...who did essentially the same thing.

Are Virginia Democrats so cavalier as to purposely thwart the will of Virginia voters, and to pander openly to the SEIU and the Obama HealthCare fiasco right in front of an open camera??

Certainly looks like it. Election days have consequences...and it looks like Howell and company need a lesson in humility.

Update: Bloggers across Virginia react. Some Senators reply.
More blogger's opinions here, here and here.

As my good friend BVBL said of Chairman Howell: "Rules? We don't need no steenkin' rules"
Update II:The blogosphere has begun a call for her Chairmanship job.

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