Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ethnic empowerment is the name of the game

My friend over at CommonCents has an excellent post regarding changing the mindset of our friends who are African-Americans.
In this piece, he highlights a new book by Kevin Jackson , who has been called the black Glenn Beck.
Let's see how that plays out with liberals who will only prove that they would turn on black Americans in a second, if it wasn't for the substantial voting blocks that they represent. The same goes for all other ethnicities. If Asian-Americans or Latino-Americans started departing the democrats in droves, the liberals would immediately villify them in the next day.

I've taken on the responsibility of an all-out assault on democrats who exploit all of our American brothers and sisters who just happen to be born of the ethnicities that liberals take for granted. This is just one front of the heart-felt effort to reach out to ethnic voters of all races and creeds.
I have a vast array of friends and activists working with me on an all-out effort to show all ethnicities that they have a friend in the Republican Party...and that we are them. Let's work together for a better Party in the future. One that doesn't exploit your vote because of your color....but rather represents your conservative values without caring what your specific ethnic background is. You're all Americans, and you obviously love America. We embrace your contributions to America. We want you to be empowered. We do not want you to feel like a victim. Period.

I need assistance going forward in this endeavor. Do not hesitate to contact me and push this outreach forward to as many as will listen.

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