Sunday, January 23, 2011

Long time coming....

We've reached a point where a couple of flies in the ointment have circled their wagons and reached a hypocritical mass. They're completely free to "imagine" what members of the LCRC must be thinking and conspiring....but when the same tactic is used against them, they don't like it much...and in the final straw that broke this camel's back to anything of redeeming quality on that blog -- Lloyd, usually a good guy with a really good objective on politics -- sided with his blog mates and thus signaled the end of any meaningful content coming from the bash-fest that Too Conservative has become.

This started the downward spiral back in the primary race for the 11th District, where Vince Harris used the full power and weight of his blog to badmouth a candidate who very well could have beat Gerry Connelly. It became Fimian Central...and alienated many of the worthwhile posters.

He was the launching point for one of my favorite bloggers today. Brian Schoeneman, who went on to form , an outright hit that has formed a group of the most pressing and substanative writers ever to be assembled on the Virginia net. I predict that that star is rising, even as TooConservative falls.

Novatownhall, which in the past has been a little rough on local folks who opposed the old guard at the LCRC, has even become a focused laserbeam on Constitutional discussions, including 2nd Amendment, Healthcare and illegal immigration do's and don'ts.

The content at all of these "other" blogs is policy and actual discussion on the merits of exact legislation, or the discussion of Constitutional and legislative issues in general. They, for the most part, refuse to attack specific candidates(unless an absolute occasion where that candidate/officeholder SPECIFICALLY violated voter trust, or procedure.)

For my own part, defending the LCRC against the rabid fabrications of two democrat operatives on that blog, I've mulled it over with a few good folks, and their very solid recommendation was "don't prop up the idiot any more." And with that, I have withdrawn the URL out of my computer, and added a couple more solid Virginia blogs to the cache.

As to content here, I think it's best that I begin to re-evaluate my own content and step up to the level of Brian and others. After all, if you want to run with the big've got to keep up. I will be advocating for several candidates here, but I'd like the main content to go towards policy and those who embrace those policy issues in their campaigns.


Lovettsville Lady said...

Great Post! Good for you! I totally agree, we can't keep feeding trolls, hoping that they'll come out from under the bridge and see the light!

The Bulletproof Monk said...

You cannot imagine the depth of this. There is quite a bit more....but I've remained brief and didn't delve into the other issues.

Lovettsville Lady said...

Again, good for you, taking the high road.