Monday, January 10, 2011

It has been said that Liberalism is a mental disease

Now, I don't usually ascribe to such all-out descriptors as this, but recent developments on another blog have me re-thinking the argument.
Hey, when the proof is plopped right in your lap by a willing individual, and you ignore the obvious...isn't that the same as burying your head in the proverbial sand?

A few of you have, perhaps, noticed the quotes in my bio section down there. I absolutely will not back away from those quotes. But I do think some very real context should be added, so that we all don't end up as mind-numbed as one particularly silly individual did, when he got wound around the axle over what he "thought" those quotes represented.

Let me be clear. I support the SOAP Box first and foremost. Ample participation in public input hearings, active use of petitioning the Government with personal feedback, and participation in PAC contributions as a cog in a larger wheel.

Secondly, the BALLOT BOX in this country should be the single largest steering device that we as Americans can employ to change the heading of the ship, should we deem that heading to be incorrect. It is thru my work as the 72 HR Chairman for two consecutive election years in Loudoun that I have been given the opportunity to get voters out who made course corrections, and the State as a whole benefited from those last election results. Governor McDonnell immediately unearthed $3Billion that was stuffed under the seat cushions in the couch that belonged to VDOT. It continues to get better, now that the economic hawks are in charge in the Mansion down in Richmond. Few are able to argue effectively that this isn't the case.

The third entry is the JURY BOX, and in the only tangible part of his rant at the other site....he actually got this part right. It is the right and RESPONSIBILITY of the PEOPLE to challenge the outcome of the Legislature, if they indeed feel that it does not serve THE PEOPLE. I must strongly word this in a way that emphasizes the utmost clarity. I support LEGAL challenges by THE PEOPLE , if and when they feel that the legislature has made a mistake and did so without considering the PEOPLE's desires for their own lives.

The last box is, evidently, the most controversial of the four. It deserves a special explanation, and deserves dire events that must occur previously to trigger it's use. The issue probably parallels with the "deadly force" issue used and acknowledged by every LEGAL owner with the RESPONSIBILTY of owning a firearm.

Let's say that Congress gets together and decides that the Electoral College has not served the election desires of a certain Party or movement, and they pass legislation to end the Electoral provisions of the Constitution. They want to install a popular vote....or a monarchial system....whatever. We begin the process with that Soap Box, but it falls on deaf ears. We use the the Ballot Box, which having been partially killed, is not helpful in the least...or worse yet....invalidated by the elected who wish to maintain their power. We graduate to the Judicial Box , and once again....these elite are able to fight off any LEGAL attempt to return the Government of the People to THE PEOPLE.

Or a President makes a decree that he is going to forego any election of THE PEOPLE, and just hold office as long as he sees fit...all the while, citing some mystic and gray reason for doing so... IF Congress does nothing, and if the Judicial remedy is not sought out...and THE PEOPLE are not being represented ...

NOW. Is it the duty of Americans everywhere to protect the Constitution of these United States and restore the Country's time-honored tenets --found in the United States Constitution? It's the VERY reason for the 2nd Amendment....if you follow our forefather's reasoning. They, in their time, had seen power grabs, and they understood man's less than perfect government structures from as far back as Rome and beyond. They gave us inaliable rights, and concluded that the Government should never take those rights from us, THE PEOPLE. And then they laid out a proposal that would prevent the event of Government taking that right from THE PEOPLE.

So, when someone tries to slight me with sophomoric taunts about "not liking the outcome of an election"...or "being upset over the legal outcome of a contest"...they're bordering legal insanity...or they're as sane as you and I, but really have no concern of the rights of THE PEOPLE, because in their world, they KNOW WHAT's BEST for us....and they don't give a damn what you think about that.

Use the four boxes....but in that order. And let's all hope that , like the
"deadly force" issue, we never, ever, ever...have to use the fourth box. It's the health of the current Constitution that automatically negates the need for it's use as the last option on the table.


Anonymous said...

Where are your four boxes, BPM? I'm missing something

Otherwise, not to worry from me, I understand what you're saying. You make sense to me.

I left a (typically) long comment over on Too Conservative on his post about the Tuscon massacre. As of this comment it is awaiting moderation. LI and the libs won't like it but it needed to be said.

take care,

Tom Seeman

Anonymous said...

If LI and the other libs won't like it, I wouldn't expect to see it. Why are you in moderation anyway? Poor LI, lost his mind and became a democrat. Or perhaps it's the other way around?

The Bulletproof Monk said...

I'm sorry for the delay in freeing posts from my queue. I don't employ the same high-falutin' spam filters as other sites....and as such, I must eliminate the spam posts manually.
I free all comments upon any visit I make online.
The only ones that don't make it here at TBM are the ones that personally attack my person or my family, or the ones that can't keep a civil tongue in their keyboard. There are family members that read the postings here.

As for LI (and I'm doing the author a favor here in NOT naming the individual who assumed that moniker)....he's gone off the reservation. I saw evidence at BVBL this morning that he's becoming increasingly self-absorbed. In a thread that highlighted Lloyd The Idiot's thread at Tooconservative, LI felt it necessary to get his fame on and insert his own drivel as somehow pertinent to the discussion in progress.
Stacked upon that is his loyalty to a democrat in the Catoctin District, his use of information provided by a democrat operative who he interfaces with weekly, and his new angle of blaming Palin and hoping that this tradgedy would be able to take her down.
All this is clear evidence to me and others that LI has left the LCRC and will surely be joining the operatives at the LCDC soon enough.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

I have to mention in addition that , as a person who values political input from any source, so long as they stick to facts...
I'm horrified to see LI killing otherwise clean post from the Tooconservative site. I've had one deleted for calling him "inept". That was a reference to his political skills and his ability to read the environment around him. That does not qualify as a personal attack, because I did not pull any piece of his life to pick upon. I made an observation about his inability to read the political world around him...all the while trying to define the LCRC, despite his lapsed membership and failure to attend the very meetings he seems to think he knows so much about.
All in all, I'm tickled that they started piling on over there, because my traffic doubled this week. Last week my standing in Virginia Conservative Blogs was at 45th. I can only imagine that I might be moving into Too Conservative range this week(17th).

Mom said...

It's not fair to characterize LI as having gone off the reservation as he was never really a member of the tribe and thus not entitled to be there in the first place (cue gratuitous attack from Loudmouth Inciter). In truth, LI is merely a mini-me of TC's original creator, only with a larger ego and fewer connections. At least the original transgressions on TC could be attributed to connections with "valid" GOP campaigns, the same can't be said for those by LI.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Mom, I would disagree. LI was a somewhat conservative critter. Believe me, my own outlook has been questioned by the far right....even though I'm a very fiscal conservative and a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.
It's the whole "property rights" bastardization that seperated the men from the boys back in 2006 and 2007.
I definitely support property rights, I just didn't buy into the twisted bastardization of the term that the LCRC of that day portrayed. The LCRC of that day also took up a collection for the defense of Grigsby after he made an ass of himself, too -- as a valid comparison.

Quite a different committee exists right now, which is where LI and I differ. Many worked WITHIN the structure to develop a better product to represent and serve our conservative voters. LI, after helping to build that apparatus, now has departed --based largely on perceptions of certain personalities--- and bashes that effort every chance he gets these days.

All of his rhetoric, as false as it is, does go front and center in the public square and forms the committee's image in front of voters who should know instead that the LCRC is a balanced party, looking out for the citizen's interest
....but LI has painted a vision where the far-right runs the Committee and everything is a slam dunk as that contingent desires it to be. That ain't so...because I know many among the current membership that will not go along with the image he portrays.

A number of the original Posse were very happy to unseat republicans (and the last targeted five DEFINITELY needed unseating)but when it now comes time to unseat the abuse of power displayed by democrats, a couple of the original Posse members don't think they'll play this time.

LI isn't one of those, and he is somewhat critical of the biggest losers, Miller and McGypsy. In another race for Catoctin, his choice is odd, to say the least. I'm a friend to LI's choice, too....I just didn't endorse him to win the district. I still realize that the District is very conservative and if the proper message on out of control growth is adopted by the Republican, it is a possiblity for a pickup.

Lovettsville Lady said...

Your entire post was deleted because you called him inept? Inept? That's IT? Sheeze, he called me and Debra Munoz, MORONS, and said we couldn't read! I dunno, but I think I'd rather be called inept than a Moron. But that's just me. Poor guy has worked himself into a tizzy and worked himself right out of any relevancy, all while making Dick Black very,very, happy!

Lovettsville Lady said...

Btw, where do you find blog rankings? Can you send me a link to the site on through my email? Thanks ever.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

yup. I used the word "inept" in a thread where he was , once again, blasting the LCRC as a far-right organization. I used it, because evidently, LI "thinks" he has some very informed individuals inside the LCRC....his not being a current member and all.
Those individuals are probably also inept at reading the actual power in the committee. Which is sad, because the sane power in that committee lies in the membership of the organization. The ExCom is just about split down the middle, so the membership is the driving force in the decisions.
And although I do it at the end of many long and drawn out discussions, I do not suggest starting out a discussion by hurling "moron" at someone in that conversation. There are obvious exceptions to every rule, and Blackout, NotJohnMosby and I Bleed Obama Blue are those that come to mind. They've proved that they are , indeed , morons....whereas a number of other posters can and have engaged in civil disagreement on matters.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

With regard to blog ranking, Tom over at Virginia Right has done some excellent work in posting the most current stuff.

You met Tom at the Blogger's Dinner in the Restaurant, didn't you? If I failed to introduce you, I apologize!!

Lovettsville Lady said...

Very interesting, thank you! I wonder where Tom get the numbers of each blog? That must be posted somewhere. Yes, I did meet Tom at the blogger's dinner.

Anonymous said...

Monk, I forgot to come over here and post, but I don't see anything wrong with your quotes and know exactly where you are coming from.

Other LL - As for being called a moron, join the club! Republican (mostly conservative) women are targets (sorry for the hate speech) and one of the biggest forms of ammnunition (OMG, I keep doing it, sorry) is to question their intelligence. We are just too "Stupid" to get it. Oh well, being called a Moron is sometimes a badge of honor.

Loudoun Lady