Monday, January 31, 2011

Public Hearings on PATH this Wednesday & Thursday

Just a quick reminder that The State Corporation Commission will be in town this week to take public testimony on the PATH line. These hearings are your opportunity to tell the SCC how you feel about the proposed transmission line -- how it would impact you, your family, and the environment.

If you testified during the last PATH hearings in 2009 and you want your opinions considered in this case you must appear and testify again, either at one of these hearings, at a hearing in Richmond on April 25, 2011, or by filing your comments in writing.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011: The hearing will be held at the John Handley High School Auditorium, 425 Handley Boulevard, Winchester. It will begin at 2pm and reconvene at 7pm.

Thursday, February 3, 2011: The hearing will be held at Loudoun Valley High School, 340 North Maple Avenue, Purcellville. It will begin at 4pm and reconvene at 7pm. If you plan to testify you should show up early and sign up with the State Corporation Clerk. You will be sworn in and asked to give your name and address. If you have documents you want to give to the Hearing Examiner you will be allowed to do so during your testimony. If you are a respondent you cannot testify at these public hearings.

If you are not an official respondent in the PATH case, these hearings are your chance to testify to the impact of AEP and Allegheny's project.

The most damning introduction is going to be the actions of adjacent States (not favorable), the looming Dominion Project that costs so much less, and the largest single reason....Allegheny/PATH's predictions about power use. The usage is going down severely, due in large part to faulty predictions on PATH's part, as well as alternative power sources taking many homes off of the grid, and in many cases, feeding back into the grid.

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