Thursday, January 27, 2011

Joe May keeps the pressure on

Joe May is nipping at Dominion and PATH's heels again. And it's not a rat dog, either. I'd say, probably more akin to a german shepherd.

HB 2024

Electrical transmission lines; impact minimizations plans. Requires that applications to the State Corporation Commission for approval of an electrical transmission line of 138 kilovolts or more include an impact minimization plan. Such a plan provides for the minimization of the visual, environmental, and economic impacts of the transmission line on real property within or adjacent to the area within which the applicant proposes to locate the line. The plan is required to be consistent with standards established by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

This Bill will acomodate Dominion's planned upgrade out here (the plan that is stopping PATH right now) ...but would apply to Path, since their requested voltage is in excess of the 138 kilovolts particularly mentioned in the bill.
There's an upcoming public meeting in Lovettsville on the PATH application, so there'll be a post immediately prior to that meeting to finesse the better reasons that they need to be rejected.

On a similar segway, the following bills will work their way thru the General Assembly.

HJ542 / SJ 280 - Constitutional Amendment - Providing for the repeal of certain laws passed by the US Congress (LeMunyon/McDougle)

- Makes application to the United States Congress to call a Constitutional Convention for the purpose of proposing an amendment that permits the repeal of any federal law or regulation by the vote of two-thirds of the state legislatures.

HB 2052 / SB 1125 - Right To Vote By Secret Ballot In Union Elections (Hugo/Stosch) - Declares that in any election providing for the establishment of a labor organization to represent employees, the right of an individual employee to vote by secret ballot is a fundamental right that shall be guaranteed.

HJ 500 / SJ 280- Constitutional Amendment - Right to Work (Bell, Richard P./McDougle) - Provides that any agreement between an employer and a labor union that denies persons not members of such union or organization the right to work is against public policy and illegal.

HB1566 - Legislators Recorded Votes Online (LeMunyon) - Provides that all votes cast by members of the General Assembly shall be recorded on electronic information system (LIS) that is readily available to the public.

I urge you to contact your legislators and ask them to support these common sense proposals that will get government working better for you.

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