Thursday, January 13, 2011

If you still think that the Conservatives are the hateful ones....

If you can watch this and then still rationalize that the hate is all conservatives...
You're obviously giving a bit more to the belief that liberalism is a mental disorder.

Enjoy it while it last. The left is already scrubbing YouTube, in an effort to hide all evidence.

Enjoy a little more history. This is one of the most vivid moments in history where we saw a precursor to what occurred last nite.


madbeanman said...

Well to be honest as an independent (and non American) I would seriously be ashamed to have someone like Sarah Palin in my party. I definetely think that the right has taken too much flack for the tradegy in Tuscon and I seriously don't condone violence against any political figure but people like Glenn Beck and Sarah PAlin need to seriously tone down their harsh violent words just as much as these moronic twitterers do too.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Madbeanman...I value Palin as a watchdog for matters that need attention. Despite telling us that the "death panels" were nowhere to be found in the Healthcare fiasco, democrats agreed to remove them. Yet last week, there they were again!! They slid them back in before final passage! (If indeed they ever removed them in the first place.)
So Palin serves a purpose for every American who thinks pulling slimey and sloppy dirty tricks on Americans when they ain't looking is bad. Beck ....I can take or leave. There are days when I just turn him off. But he nailed it on Tuesday! His suggestion was why didn't everybody lay off. So much for his suggestion, as the twitters can prove.
And at the root of this -- Beck is an entertainer....and holds no position in the Republican Party.
All in all, I see Republicans arguing on position and actions. I see democrats unable to do so, so they have to dive into ad hominum attack mode....having nothing better to project.