Sunday, February 14, 2010

Remember Dave Schmidt For 10th District Chairman.

Dave Schmidt For 10th District Chairman.

Republican delegates to the 10th District Convention in May, 2010, I would like you to meet one of the hardest working Republicans you weren't aware of. So many times we see folks who work when they have to, but who will eagerly step over others to get to the spotlight. But this is a man who's worked under the radar and behind the scenes, wishing no glory for himself, but only working for the image of the candidates he supports.

Meet Dave Schmidt. He has been elected to the Leesburg Town Council, not once, but twice... 2000-2004 and 2008

As you'll read down this page, Mr. Schmidt is generous with his money, and his time in pursuit of electing great Republicans to office. As an activist, myself..I know the amount of hours and the meetings, and the labor of love Mr.Schmidt commits a large portion of his life to. Just for fun, you can compare the amount of money that Dave has given the 10th District over the years to the one time contribution Howie Lind gave to run for office...and it's arguable that even that was not a Howie Lind personal check, but that some other entity paid it for him.

Dave says:
"As a proud life long Republican I have been active in every presidential campaign since I was six years old, after seeing Barry Goldwater speak in Cincinnati. I have volunteered for Republicans in state and local elections in Kentucky, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas, and Virginia."

Professional Experience:
President & CEO, International Food Information Council -- also held the positions of Executive Vice President, and Vice President.
Frequent speaker on food safety and nutrition
Serves on the National Advisory Board for Risk Communications Research at the University of Maryland
Serves on the Steering Committee for America’s Heartland
Presidential Appointee in the President George H.W. Bush Administration, Schedule C/Director of Information and Legislative Affairs, USDA Food. Safety and Inspection Service
Elected Councilman for the Town of Leesburg, 2000-2004 and 2008

Political Experience:
Heritage Precinct Captain, McDonnell, Bolling, Cuccinelli, McCain/Palin (2008), Senator George Allen and Congressman Frank Wolf
Has given strong financial support – 10th District Events - Oktoberfest and Jefferson Dinner.
Elected At-Large Delegate from Virginia to the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis, 2008, and elected Alternate Delegate in 2004
Delegate to 10th District Congressional and Virginia State Conventions
Contributor to McCain for President, RNC, RPV, LCRC, Frank Wolf for Congress, Bush for President, Joe May For Delegate and a regular contributor to numerous Republican Candidates and Organizations
Leesburg Coordinator, George W. Bush for President (2000 primary)
Member of the Republican National Committee since 1980, Loudoun County Republican Committee
National Delegate Nominee/Phone Bank Chairman, Dallas County Bush for President (1988 primary and general election)
Founder & President, Students for Reagan, Vanderbilt University(1979-80)
It should be crystal clear which one of these gentlemen can form the Tenth into an enviable entity, worthy of a similar moniker that the "Fighting Ninth" enjoys today.
Vote Dave Schmidt, and let's make that a goal for the coming year under his excellent leadership.

UPDATE: Endorsements have started coming out for Dave's opponent.
They include these doozies:
JoAnn Chase, who has bad-mouthed the #1 Unit Chair of Virginia.
Pat McSweeney, former Chairmanof RPV, who went so far in Loudoun as to actually raise money and funnel it to independen candidates instead of the republican candidates.
Mike McHugh, Warren County- The #1 instigator and loudmouth at the 10th District Convention of 2006. Kinda like Dimitri Kesari on crack...
David Ray, Fairfax County- who was on hand to coordinate the fiasco at the LCRC meeting that detained members for an additional hour and a half- over nothing.
John Grigsby- all around off-balance, and part of the lame attempt to influence a committee outcome with Ray and Volpe.
Willie Deutsch, Vice President, Virginia College Republicans-

This reads like the who's who of Jeff Frederick supporters...and will probably revert the 10th District to that kind of rule. We should avoid this team in the driver's seat at all costs.

But WAIT!!!! There it is!!! In his latest e-mail. Lind dumps the creme-de-la-creme of endorsement from his surprise baggage!

Michael Farris, Chancellor, Patrick Henry College-- who once chartered two buses to Richmond, threw a convention in favor of an unelectable candidate and handed a Democrat Volvo Salesman the AG's office. Interviewed after the loss, he said "we won the battle, but we lost the war". No duh.

Jeff Frederick, Former Chairman, RPV --- there's the mint on top, folks. As expected.
This is all payback for the Frederick battle, after all.

Paul Protic, former Chair of the LCRC - who's quote closely matches Farris'...."We may lose, but at least we'll be pure".

With deadweights like this around our ankles-- how will we ever soar in upcoming elections? Fact is - with them at the helm, we won't.


VASocialConservative said...

Howie was also endorsed by Ken Cuccinelli, Morton Blackwell, and Corey Stewart. Are they all also radical nutjobs?

The Bulletproof Monk said...

As far as Morton Blackwell - DEFINITELY.
As for Corey - I'm dissappointed, because I haven't had a chance to talk to him about this before his endorsement.
And as for Cuccinelli ---I agree with alot of what Cooch is putting forth with Bob Marshall, and making every effort to refrain from speaking ill of him.... but he's wrong in the direction of this move. He should have stayed clear of it, and he'd keep from alienating some newfound friends and supporters. It's not one of his more politcally adept moves.
Politiicians make or break on such moves. And this one will come back to bite him.