Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Conservative Tim Graney Challenges Congressman Ron Paul

Conservative Tim Graney Challenges 20-Year Incumbent Congressman Ron Paul in Texas.

I never really understood Ron Paul, or the ideological dimwits that he spawned across the nation. They showed up everywhere. The last Convention of the Tenth District was stacked with them.(Thank you Mike McHugh, wherever you are) You know what we got from these misguided twits?
Kay Gunter, No-Show Howie Long and the illustrious JoAnne Chase as SCC. We were going to send one of their ilk to Minneapolis to cast a vote for Virginia's Tenth in the Presidential delegation... Guess who that vote was going to be for? That's right! But for some wrangling (all legal and allowed, before you start)in selection of those delegates, one of these morons may well have gone to that Convention and cast a vote for Ron Paul, and to hell with representing all of us back at home who were counting on them to do the right thing and ....represent us.
And as all the smoke cleared, only an extremely small contingent even stayed involved in local Committee work after all that. I can think of two from Loudoun who stuck around (and I thank them for the work they've done since then).

Finally, someone steps up to challenge the Texas Congresscritter in his own backyard. From all accounts, Tim is standing on all the parts of Ron Paul that I agree with, and equally upset with the parts of Ron Paul I cannot stomach. There's the whole isolationistic crap that I abhor. If we bury our head in the sand, will the problems and the conspiring against America really stop? Didn't think so.
There's that whole "Ron Paul started Tea Parties". That is bullshit. Tea Parties started life as the purest form of American expression of dissatisfaction. There are conservative Democrats at these things. There are millions of independent(self-identified)voters, and millions of republicans - from right of center to hardliners.
Each group is equally as important as the others....and my worst fear is that some fringe group overtakes the movement and destroys everything it could have been - and starts exploiting it for their own personal agenda, until they fracture it.

Tim is interviewed here

I don't know how much traction he'll get, but I wish him the best. He's certainly got his head wrapped around the game firmly. I know if he wins this one, we'll have an ally down Texas way.


Paddleguy said...

So who was it that started the tea parties? I don't recall Clinton having a money bomb on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. Nope, it was Ron Paul. Ron didn't develop the idea from there, but certainly his money bomb event started the recent craze that the neocons now control. It's like saying MLK can't come to MLK day celebration.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

At no point did I even remotely come close to saying Clinton did anything. That was a clear overreach on your part, or an intended misdirection. Which, I can't say.
Paul most certainly did not launch the Tea Party movement nationwide. It was a very natural expansion from the dissatisfaction that was apparent in Townhall meetings acriss a number of States. The sleeping giant has everything to do with the movement.
As far as it being taken over by the neocons....Paul is the neocon, here.
Locally, Paul's disciples have joined and amassed a contingent to throw local District Conventions, overwhelming sensible and strategic solutions with "seat of the pants" anarchy. This is not how you win elections. You must reach out to all people who agree with the fundamental charges that Government is too big, the tax structure is punative to job growth, and a strong national defense is imperative to our survival, as well as policing human rights violations in a world where no one else will do it.
Many of the folks who will support fiscal constraints are in fact fiscally conservative democrats and independents. No movement can go forward without including their numbers.
I was in DC on April 15th, as well as Sept. 12th participating...and I saw the many groups that I've described above.It was a hell of a sight to behold. All united in one purpose....calling their representatives accountable.
I even saw LaRouche disciples there, and though that's the far extreme, I'm okay with the fact that they showed up....I just wish the MSM hadn't focused on their hatred tactics so much. It made the whole crowd of good and honest folks look like an angry mob.