Thursday, February 4, 2010

Candace Speaks before the LCRC

First off, I have to insert an endorsement that so blatantly points out the challenges ahead, it demonstrates the exact kind of straight line we need to walk. There is zero room for missteps, mistakes, intraparty squabbles, or empty bantor about who is more conservative. This is a question about who can lead. And, more important in all of this was the evolving realization that: where Loudoun goes, so goes Virginia.
Joe Scalione gave such a great endorsement, I have to highlight the sections where he points out exactly what is at stake. Joe, many thanks for the pinpoints of a very ringing endorsement.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the swearing in ceremony for the Honorable Thomas A. “Tag” Greason as the Delegate from the 32rd District. Those in attendance realized a satisfying conclusion to a long, hard fight to win this recent campaign, in addition to the sweep of the top three offices in Virginia.

Upon returning home from Richmond yesterday I read an article in the newspaper introducing the new leadership for the Loudoun County Democratic Committee (LCDC). I also read how we lost a very close race to fill Attorney General Cuccinelli’s vacant State Senate seat. It pointed out to me that we need to continue our efforts with vigor and not become complacent over the November victories won by our candidates with significant margin.

The new chairman for the LCDC is Mike Turner from Waterford, who ran unsuccessfully against Judy Feder in the Democratic 10th Congressional Primary. Mike Turner is also a retired US Air Force Colonel. I know he will bring structure and rigor to the LCDC in a similar way that Glen Caroline has done for the LCRC. We currently have the organizational edge and need continued strong leadership to build upon it. That is why I strongly endorse Candace Strother for the next LCRC Chairman.

My interactions with her give me confidence that she has the background, energy, and vision to continue our successful efforts for the next two years. Some of the highlights from Candace’s political resume are extensive government experience in Washington DC including the White House, the Executive Office of the President and the Cabinet Offices of Labor and Interior. Her responsibilities ranged from management and budgets to communications and congressional affairs. As Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration she directed agency strategic planning including regulatory priorities, international activities and training.
As the Interior Department Chief of Staff to the Solicitor she directed strategic planning, chaired the management advisory group and directed external relations with the Congress, media, executive branch and interest groups. While at the White House Office of Public Liaison, she led issue briefings for individuals and organizations to promote administration policies and prepared issue briefing memoranda for the President and his senior staff.

The LCRC needs this experience and professional leadership to continue our successful momentum. Please join me in supporting Candace Strother for our next LCRC Chairman.

Joe Scalione
Broad Run District Chairman - Loudoun County Republican Committee

Seeing that, I am proud to reproduce Candace Strother's address from the Loudoun County Republican Committee on January 26th of this year. Many have no doubt seen the video over on NTH

"I am Candace Strother and I am running for Chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee.
As 2010 begins there is a battle going on for the soul of America. I am running because at this critical juncture for our County, our Commonwealth and our Nation, what is at stake is our very liberty. It is therefore imperative that we keep the winning momentum going. From Virginia, to New Jersey to Massachusetts, we the people, have spoken and made it clear that out of control spending and mounting debt has to stop.
To continue this winning model we have work to do. This year we have our 10th District Congressional race. In 2011, we will have a host of local races including the Board of Supervisors, Constitutional Officers and Delegates.

To win these races we must:

First: be unified and committed to electing principled common sense conservatives.

Second: reach out to like minded people and groups and grow our party. I am alarmed and concerned as many of you are about the assault on our Constitution. From tea party patriots to soccer moms, many in Loudoun are voicing their concerns but are new to the political process. We need to embrace this new energy, welcome them and get them involved.

Third: aggressively raise the money that is needed to help support good candidates, and fourth: we must build upon the winning grassroots organization that Glen and the current team has built.

What we do here in Loudoun and the candidates we elect matters beyond our county boundaries. We are the fourth fastest growing county in the nation; we are the wealthiest county in the nation. We are one of three critical counties that delivered NOVA for our candidates last fall. Our committee should match the strength and import of the county in which we reside.
So the question before us is, who will set the vision for the next two years for the LCRC? Who will unify the party and motivate everyone to move as one? Who will manage the process and procedures of party business in a fair and open manner? Who will provide the leadership necessary to implement winning grassroots strategies to get good conservative candidates elected?

From the time I worked for President Ronald Reagan and served in leadership roles in his administration both at the White House, and as Deputy Assistant Secretary managing a large federal agency, to my work promoting conservative ideas at the Heritage Foundation, to national campaigns or in the trenches locally to elect Republican candidates, I have been a solid and consistent conservative.

I have lived in Loudoun for four years. I have been a grassroots activist and worked shoulder to shoulder with many of you. Knocking doors, making phone calls, manning precincts, fundraising, organizing and emceeing events. Doing the hard work of freedom.

It would therefore be a distinct and humbling honor to serve as your Chairman.
If you choose me to be your Chairman,
I promise that we will work as hard as the stakes merit,
But we will have fun at it!
We will defeat Democrats!
We will stand our ground for freedom!
And we WILL elect candidates who will give us our country back!

I therefore with the utmost sincerity ask for your support and your vote on March 6."--Candace Strother, Jan.26, 2010

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