Monday, May 11, 2009


Most are appalled to see Muldoon's death march. But I'm pretty happy about it. Had he not gone so far off of the reservation and shown us just how devious he's ready to be in a winning year...we'd have never fully appreciated the depth of his spite in a questionable year.

GOP Leaders Call On Patrick Muldoon to Stop His Dishonest, Negative Campaign

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the hundreds of grass-roots activists in the 9th Congressional District that give of their time, energy and money in support of our Republican candidates, we are writing to call on Patrick Muldoon to stop his slash and burn campaign of distortions against our friend and fellow conservative, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling.

Before he became a Washington, DC attorney, Patrick Muldoon lived in the 9th District in Giles County. We have known Patrick for many years and many of us put a great deal of energy into his previous campaign for Congress. It is an understatement to say that we are disappointed to see the path he has taken.

Over the last 13 years Patrick Muldoon has run for public and party office no fewer than 6 times – and lost. He has run for Congress twice (1996, 1998) – and lost. He has run for Commonwealth’s Attorney (1999) – and lost. He has run for Congressional District GOP Chairman twice (2006, 2008) – and lost. He has run for a seat on the State Central Committee (2006) – and lost.

Sadly, Patrick has never even won a single precinct in a general election in his home county of Giles.

The bottom line is that Patrick has become a perennial candidate. Having run out of offices to seek in the 9th District, he has allowed himself to be manipulated by a small faction within our party and is now running a personally negative campaign against one of the most reliable conservative voices our party has ever had in Richmond – Bill Bolling.

Bill Bolling is a conservative we can count on, and he has something that Patrick lacks: a record to back it up. Bill’s record includes:

A 100% pro-family voting record from The Family Foundation

A 100% pro-life voting record from the Virginia Society for Human Life

Endorsed by the Virginia Society for Human Life (2005)

Supported parental notification and consent legislation, a ban on partial birth abortions and higher patient safety standards for abortion clinics

Cast the tie-breaking vote to deny state funding to Planned Parenthood

Fought to restore abstinence education funding that Governor Kaine stripped from the budget

Led the fight to pass the Marriage Amendment

Has opposed every tax increase proposed by Governors Warner and Kaine

As his record proves, Bill Bolling is a proven conservative leader. To somehow suggest that Bill is “Planned Parenthood’s favorite Republican” or a promoter of a “hooked up cultural agenda” is offensive and dishonest and Patrick Muldoon should know better.

Some of us approached Patrick at the outset of his campaign and encouraged him to find a more constructive outlet for promoting his values. We are disappointed that he chose to ignore that advice and we are angered by the individuals who have used Patrick as little more than a weapon in a misguided attempt to tear down Lieutenant Governor Bolling and destroy our party.

We hope that you will join us and the individuals listed below in rejecting the half-truths and politics of negativity that Patrick Muldoon has embraced. We hope you will join us in supporting Bill Bolling at the Republican Convention in Richmond on May 30th.


Michelle Jenkins, 9th District Chairwoman

Jerry Lester, State Central Committee

Jack Morgan, State Central Committee

Judi Lynch, State Central Committee

Shea Cook, Former 9th District Chairman

Angie Hall, Former 9th District Chairwoman

Stan Young, Former 9th District Chairman

Zack Thompson, Giles GOP Vice Chairman

The emphasis above is mine.
There's more than enough names on the remainder of the letter to easily carry the 9th, and I know a lot of the other districts are committed to Bolling as well.


GMo said...

Is anyone really suprised by this? Muldoon has been a joke of a candidate since the beginning of this campaign. As time goes by and he doesn't gain traction, he's getting more and more desperate.

Personally attacking Bolling is reprehensible. Bolling has been one of the few great conservative leaders for Virginia Republicans, and we know this. Muldoon's days are numbered, he won't recover from this smear campaign...

The Bulletproof Monk said...

That's why I'm giddy about it. He's gotten so bold, that he forgot to keep the shelter of the shadows this round. And it finally has allowed the rest of us to see him for what he truly has been all along.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that casting my vote for Bill Bolling at the convention and against the dishonest smears will be very satisfying.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Indeed. There will be alot of us that walk out after the vote feeling very satisfied.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Giles County and knew the whole Muldoon family. Patrick was especially offensive. He doesn't need to be in public office, or practicing law.