Friday, May 29, 2009

The final push for Brownlee

Tripped across and learned even more reasons why Brownlee is the choice of winning delegates everywhere.

Considering the pain medication OxyContin , the author referenced this:
"The settlement was one of the largest financial penalties ever imposed on a drug company. Moreover, Brownlee insisted that Purdue's top executives plead guilty to criminal acts.
And consider this—prior to Brownlee's handling the Oxycontin case, Purdue had won hundreds and hundreds of lawsuits over Oxycontin. The only time Purdue had paid even one dollar was as part of a settlement to the West Virginia AG's office, and that settlement was only $10 million or so.
The New York Times claimed that “Purdue suffered a crushing defeat in May at the hands of Brownlee when the company and three top executives pleaded guilty to criminal charges.”"

And of Mr. Brownlee's most vocal opponent?

He says: By way of contrast, Ken Cuccinelli has practiced at the other extreme of the legal profession. Cuccinelli's career has been spent processing a series of small, routine legal matters such as DUIs, divorces, child custody disputes, collection matters, and so forth. There is no evidence of Cuccinelli ever doing anything out of the ordinary in his legal career.

If we want to win in November, in front of all the state's voters....not just delegates in this convention...and following my goldfish pond vs. the open ocean analogy...we'd be better to send the shark in.


kelley in virginia said...

bulletproof: great to meet you. thanks for making the effort.

my county (lunenburg) & the county directly behind me (halifax) went for brownlee in a big, big way.

alas. i will not speak ill...of our AG nominee.

i just hope he doesn't destroy a winning team.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Honestly, it was great to see you and all of the bloggers that I correspond with.
Later today, I went over to Bloggers Row, and met Tom and OP in person, SWACgirl, and others. My timing was perfect, as it often is... :P
and I arrived in time to have a picture taken with Bolling and McDonnell.
I'll not speak ill of Cooch from here on out. The Dems will now take over on that.
Always a pleasure to meet the online community in "real life".
You take care over there in Lunenburg-- and keep your powder dry for November. We'll need your organization...and we'll all be working in spirit beside each other!!

kelley in virginia said...

wake up monk: my husband has already gone & come home from fishing, i've already cleaned the fishing cabin.

the NLS people think obama's sotomayor is a good SC pick. honestly, do these people even have an independent thought other than chris matthews?

i might need help there under the cuccinelli post (& i didn't even say anything bad about KC! ha!).

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Been out all day working on EJ's pickup truck. I'm restoring it and turning it into a rolling remembrance.

I did have a late night. I left the convention and went to my dad's 80th B-Day in Remington, Va.
We left there about 12:00 (The 'ol Man danced with every woman in attendance!!)and got home closer to 2:00 AM. At that point, I'd been on my feet for 22 hours.
I slept in this AM. I admit it.

EJ was my nephew. See:

I dissasembled the truck this morning and loaded all the pieces to go to the sandblaster's to be cleaned for painting.

Also got a new set of aluminum wheels for it.

It's soon to look better than it did when it rolled off the showroom floor.

Lovettsville Lady said...

You are such a kind uncle, what a lovely thing for you to do in memory of your nephew.

Sorry I missed seeing you at the convention. Most of it was fun, particularly the Friday night parties with my Loudoun County peeps and another night of late night drinks with Bill Stanley and Michelle on Saturday night. I don't know how these candidates keep going like they do.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

I stayed with the contingent long enough to get the ballots out, vote and collect the ballots...and I was off again making rounds.

I visited the Culpeper and Madison contingents, as well as Alexandria.
I hung with Lt. Gov. Hagar for a spell, Les Brownlee and company for some time, and then hit Bloggers Row. Hung out with Whitmore and Ditch, SWACgirl,Vince Harris and the whole bunch over there...and as I was about to leave, when here came the nominees. I had a pic taken with McDonnell and spoke briefly with Bolling.
I looked for and did not find Bedell. I wanted to introduce myself.
Sorry I missed you, too. But I didn't stand still long enough to be you're not alone.