Wednesday, May 27, 2009

John Brownlee...THE choice.

This is the chance to sweep the races in November, folks. No matter what "some" delegates may think...the overwhelming majority of voters , when presented with this video - and finding absolutely NOTHING negative or confrontational in his background or his record --- WILL vote for Brownlee over Shannon.

Update: And this is important. John hasn't driven this into the people's minds...but he does make one heck of a point with this one--- "I am the only candidate - of either Party - who has run an office of attorneys that is practically identical to the Attorney General's office". Think about that. On day ONE, John can step into the shoes and walk like he needs to. No familiarization - he already knows the responsibilities intimately. No learning curve- he's worked with Bob McDonnell, the last AG on so many cases, they complimented each other.
The man is a natural, and they don't come with better resumes, morals or humility.
I've met John numerous times and he is an all around great guy. Vote for John, because every Virginian benefits the day he steps into that office.

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