Thursday, May 28, 2009

From the "It seemed like a good idea at the time" file

There was an ill-conceived robo-call that has gone out, mysteriously, to the entire guarded list of delegates. In it, there is an attack on the sitting US Attorney for the Western District of Virginia. Whoever the lame-brained culprit was....they weren't using said "brain", because now they'll have the full scope and cooperation of the State Government investigating the action, and probably as a "professional courtesy" to the US Attorney.
Bet you're gonna wish you'd employed a little more thought before embarking down this road!

This afternoon, many delegates around the Commonwealth received a deeply disturbing phone call attacking John Brownlee.

The perpetrators of this automated call violated state law by not including a "disclaimer" to announce who paid for and authorized the call.

The call was voiced by a crying child, and included a link to a website that not only attacks John, but attacks John's wife and his father - a decorated Vietnam veteran.

The child these individuals used to make the phone calls sounded to be under 5 years old. What kind of person uses a toddler to conduct a political smear?

To involve a small child in such a dirty political trick is appalling. To make such scurrilous charges is unethical. To conduct these calls without including a disclaimer is unlawful.

We have received reports of these calls from incensed convention delegates all over the Commonwealth. From these reports, it is almost certain that this call was delivered to the list of 2009 convention delegates (a list that has only been made available to the Republican Party of Virginia and our statewide campaigns). If this is the case, it means that either a campaign is conducting this desperate effort, or a campaign has given the delegate list to a third party to conduct the effort on its behalf. It means the individual or individuals responsible for this attack have almost certainly been in some form of contact with one of the other statewide campaigns.

Our state election laws help protect the integrity of our political process. Enforcement of these laws helps ensure our elections are conducted in an open, transparent manner.

Accordingly, we will ask the appropriate Virginia law enforcement agencies to begin a thorough investigation of this incident.

If we Republicans are to be successful in Virginia statewide elections again, we must stand up against those in our midst who would pollute our politics with cynical, illegal acts. We must declare that the days of political dirty tricks in Virginia are over.

Emphasis is mine.

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