Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Taxed Enough Already.

I was about to be off to the great State of Georgia, when I realized I'd made a commitment for today. Seems high winds in the area of one of my homes had stirred up some damage, and I was flying down to see how bad it actually was. I called one of my neighbors down there and got a pretty good assessment of the property today.

I'm off for DC today. As a marine, a former Embassy protection agent, and having filled in for our Sgt. at Arms a couple of times in the local Republican Party's events ( get well soon, Dean Coursen!!!) ...I'll be acting as one of many in the role of a security marshal for the TEA Party in Washington DC today. The main action there will be in Lafayette Square across from the White House. There will also be a gathering in front of the Treasury Building, because it's believed that the Square just will not hold the crowd.

The organizers have secured a stage and a microphone, and the Party begins with arrivals at 10:30 and program beginning at 11:00 AM.
Attendees are strongly encouraged to refrain from bringing signs affixed to stakes. You can roll it up until you get to the grounds, and while riding Metro.

This is a bi-partisan, non-denominational activity. A displeasure with ever increasing taxes is all that's required to attend. Several speakers are scheduled, but firm commitments on exactly who were sketchy at this writing.

There will be a scheduled clean-up before the crew who's coordinated this effort can leave. If you attend, and can spare a few minutes after the 4:00 PM conclusion, we'd appreciate some help.
Hope to see many of you there.

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