Thursday, April 9, 2009

Finally, a country-western place to dance.

My wife and I used to go dancing every Saturday night. It was one of the few social engagements we shared. (For all of you who've actually met my beautiful wife, you're lucky. She does not come out to political mixers often. And some of you have even jokingly accused me of inventing her)

We were in a mood to go to Nick's all the way out in Alexandria (one of our previous haunts) when we searched the internet to see where our favorite Band was playing these days. The Handy Brothers actually played our Wedding Reception, so they're a longtime favorite. Ms. Bulletproof and I often just "missed" each other for years.... She went to all the places I did back then. GW's in Old Towne, The Zed- just outside of Old Towne, Spurs in Waldorf, and even Bronco Billy's in a hundred years ago.

When perusing Southern Wind's site, I found a new Country-western effort in "the Corral", and they're featuring Southern Winds every Thursday as a house band. The Club is on the bottom floor of Fast Eddie's at the corner of Rt.28 and Rt. 29 in Centerville, Va. The food was great, and the crowd was cordial (even if we didn't see the "ol' gang" there.)

The club has Billiards and dancing. I like both, so I'll be sliding down and gettin' out of the house with more frequency, and I'll be sportin' the "suddenly social" Ms.Bulletproof on those days.

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