Sunday, April 26, 2009

Are they serious??

Unfortunately, it appears they are going to proceed with this cult-like fascination with a mere mortal. It appears that to the democrats, he can do no wrong. Generation upon generation has now been taught that hand-outs are okay. Numerous generations have been made to believe that anyone who has worked and developed a company and/or product that has made their financial situation better....somehow owes every one of us a bit of that success, despite the fact that those who think that never lifted a finger to help along the path...
Now, they're going off yet another cliff...The same one that a mere thousand or so have gone off before them. Cult worship. Of a mere man, at that. One that readily altered his websites, and scrubbed numerous pieces from places all over the internet when his opponents pointed out his weak policy issues. An endorsement from an American Socialist group was there one day...gone the next. This happened over and over thru-out the election season last year. But this bastardization is what they come up with.


This particular piece is by Michael Dantuono, and it's to be unveiled in NYC on Bam Bam's 100th Day. Kind of premature with the kind of year he's about to have, I'd say.

Wait till around his 2nd year, there Michael. Should be interesting.

But to be fair...I don't think you'd have been paid for it if you waited till no one is left to support the I grudgingly support your ability to comprehend that you should probably get it while the gettin' was good.

April 28, 2009
A statement released D'Antuono now claims the artist chose to cancel the event after being flooded with thousands of emails, phone calls, online blogs and other forms of public criticism, all within 48 hours of releasing the controversial image online.

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