Thursday, April 16, 2009

T.E.A. Washington Report.

I attended the DC TEA Party today.

1500 folks in the worst weather you could imagine. Rain and wind all day. Still didn't dampen the spirits of the folks who showed. We had a Code Pink crew walking amongst us, and a very, very small group (20 folks?) defending Obama over by the Treasury Dept. The Secret Service deliberately kept us separated.

What I keep thinking is that this effort is in it's infancy. This was but the first annual T.E.A. Party. Imagine how the ranks and the support will grow for the second...and the third annual T.E.A. Parties.
Many years ago, the veterans from the Vietnam Era would saddle up and ride to the Wall in an event called the RollingThunder. The first year, there were 2800 Harleys from across the region. Last year, there were in excess of 30,000. Given time and focus, these events will propagate attendance. It is inevitable.

Where this gets scary for Obama is...the day that even 10% of the Country decides to stop financing their own fleecing, and flat out boycotts taxes. How is the IRS going to prosecute 30,000,000 people at the same time. What will the yearly caseload look like? How many years of prosecutions to even break one percent? Where do you lock these folks up?How many personnel will that involve? Did they pay their taxes?

What I did find to be extremely offensive was the CNN interview that I saw a portion of. What I was left wondering is whether the CNN hack considered herself to be a journalist..or a commentator? If, indeed, she was shooting for journalist, she failed miserably. All the true journalist I know are neutral on issues. They are there to report facts, not interject their opinions.

As I pointed out in my last posting, this was never about Republican or Democrat. This is about tax payers , one and all. And maybe, it's high time we all took it back, fire Congress-- take their salaries in light of their recent malfeasance, and let them experience unemployment lines for a change.


Anonymous said...

It has been reported that 190,000 people attended a TEA party somewhere yesterday - that's a nice start to an annual protest. However, I think there will need to be many more protests than just once a year

The Bulletproof Monk said...

I do support the numerous TEA days in a single year the first year out, if only to establish a network and advise folks that they exist...and recruit even more taxpayers to represent with us.
After that, I'd have a single huge Party on either July 4 or Tax Day EVERY year. Everybody will show up to the one day and the one local location at once for a maximum number of us n display.
And it will grow. It's inevitable.
There's another TEA Party on the 25th...same place. Stay tuned.