Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hear no evil

see no evil

I picked up my copy of the Purcellville Gazette this week, and once again was treated to the intolerance of the left. In the past 3 months, there have been numerous letters to the Editor that call for the end of Joseph Lafiandra's column, It Seems to Me.

Now, this week, we're bedazzled by the brilliance of one Jim D'Ella from Hamilton.
He decries the It Seems to Me column featuring the book by Mark Levine, as well as a photo of the two men together in a previous issue. He went one better to declare "that there are a lot more people in this country who don't agree with Mr. Levine or you than do".

Well, now. That pretty much demands the statistics to back that whopper up. Did he mean that Obama's Election somehow wrapped that deal up for him? Because technically speaking, the election was a freak result of dissatisfaction with the previous administration....not a sweeping endorsement of liberalism.
And in his Blue Ridge District, Mr. D'Ella is outnumbered by folks who do agree with Mr. Levine's issues in that book.
Blue Ridge District, as well as Catoctin District next door are consistently the two most conservative voting Districts in our county. The Gazette has a healthy reader base out here.

In previous issues of the Gazette, I have been amazed at the closed minds in Purcellville. That some would actually stamp out free speech that many readers do in fact enjoy because it causes them to have to devote time to filling their brains with another point of view--distorting their talking points from ABC News ... it must be stressful to have to read the facts and not be able to distort I suppose attacking the vehicle in which those facts are delivered is the lone solution that comes to these folks minds.

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