Friday, April 3, 2009

Oh,'s time to reset the counter.

The 500 page load log filled up in a mere 16 days. I've saved it for posterity and reset it.
The unique visitors count for 536 page loads was 412 unique visits, and the high day was March 27th, when 61 different people actually visited the blog. I wonder if the picture of Duvall did it?? :)

At this rate, should I actually be able to repeat it, I could have 800 unique hits on the blog in a 32 day period. Thanks to all who visited, and I'll promise to keep the content interesting and lively.

Update:April 19,2009 -- 30 days came and went. At end of business of April 17, there were 819 unique hits for those 30 days.
Shall we now hope for 1000 hits in a month? I've reset the counter and we're off, again. Thank you, one and all!

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