Thursday, January 29, 2009

Taking steps toward energy independence...and meaning it

I like where Governor Rendell's(PA) head is at.

The Bill he just signed should be prolific. It should be the mark in State Government that makes Virginia and others jealous.
Only when we start introducing all the alternatives , and doing more of it at a local level, can we truly break free of the offshore controlling interest in our fuels. By embracing alternative, we can free up the electric demand that burns up much of our domestic product, natural gas.
By redirecting natural gas into the automotive sector, we can seriously put a dent in the oil we purchase from OPEC (which will disappear altogether, if Iran had it's way).

We're already on our way, according to the report here

My previous YouTube movie regarding the Solar panels at Franklin Park was a big hit, and I've received numerous comments about how many more of those panels are sitting in respective States, awaiting hookup to the local power grid.

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