Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It is a good day to fight! It is a good day to die! Strong hearts, brave hearts to the front! Weak hearts and cowards to the rear!

“It is a good day to fight! It is a good day to die! Strong hearts, brave hearts to the front! Weak hearts and cowards to the rear!”-- Crazy Horse

Thus the opening shots by this blogger aimed at Kelly Burk and any other Supervisor who dares to misinform the public about HCA from this day forward.
It recently came to my attention that Ms. Burk was heard to say she still can't endorse HCA's Broadlands Regional Medical Center because it's too close to INOVA and would endanger Cornwall in Leesburg.
Ms. Burk, here's a NEWSFLASH. HCA and BRMC openly offered to underwrite that Leesburg Cornwall location. Publicly. Now, if (that's a big word right there) Cornwall sees trouble, it has TWO hospital corporations to back it up. This is even BETTER than having a sole entity pushing money in.

So you can drop the scare tactics and the empty rhetoric about the Leesburg healthcare being impacted. It's been solved. Let's move on to bigger and further lies by INOVA. They promised three more community outreaches by 2006 in small towns in the west. They failed horribly UNTIL BRMC showed up and pushed those "competition" buttons.

Suddenly, INOVA started offering BRMC as the excuse as to why those facilities never emerged.
But, being an optimist, I can see where HCA might just fix that problem, too. Just wait till the BRMC argument is behind us, and watch HCA do a county medical needs assessment. When they roll up in Purcellville, Middleburg and Lovettsville to deliver healthcare in those towns, no matter how many times INOVA says it won't be able to deliver out here, they'll never stand by and let HCA take the lead in the west. So...basically, HCA will "underwrite" healthcare out here, too. The citizens all win as we have two corporations ready to carry the freight of these outposts.

Furthermore, Sally Kurtz and Jim Burton are rumored to be leaning towards reversing their previous votes for an identical application they actually supported the last time out. What's changed since then, people? Were you merely playing politics against the last majority? Did you make a bad decision last time? Or will you actually show some continuity and get it right again this time?

Mark Herring is dancing on eggshells on this one, too. With a step-father on the INOVA Board, I think he'd be more careful in wading into this decision...but evidently he thinks he's above a voter backlash. Mr. Herring, people do not like to see their elected officials use their positions to aid personal wealth and influence. Did you notice the last elections for the local Supervisor's seats?

You'd be wise to notice what happened to the biggest peddlars of favoritism, and where they are now.

UPDATE: The Mark Herring contributions...

Singleton, John Knox


President of INOVA

Weatherholtz, Gertrude M


Loudoun Healthcare

John Henry Cook


Loudoun Internal Medicine Assoc. with LH

Sarva Rejandra


Loudoun Oncology/Hematology Assoc. with LH

Walters, H Patrick


Executive VP of INOVA

Turner, Woodrow W Jr


Attorney INOVA Loudoun Hospital

HCA for Good Government


Sinclair, Shannon E


VP & General Coucil for INOVA

Carroll, Susan


COO INOVA Loudoun Hospital

Williams, Roderick


Inova Loudoun Hospital

Goldberg, David S


Inova Loudoun Hospital

Charles L Waddell


Inova Loudoun Board / Herring Step-father

Rhonda Paice

$ 1,800

Attny for Broadlands/Inova

Mark Stavish

$ 6,000

LHI Board Secretary

Mark D Lowers

$ 1,000

LHI Board Chair


Notice, that $500 from HCA didn't exactly line up against $27,000 large.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe the Chairman of the EDC came out against the 600 jobs and 6M in much needed tax revenue. Can you please knock some sense into your Posse princess?

The Bulletproof Monk said...

She ain't the Posse Princess.
You're seriously uninformed.
There are five Posse members.
And, for what it's worth, I agree with your position.
But as a member of the community with the ties that I have, I cannot actively attack the woman. I have to use some tact, and speak to her behind the public view.
I've tried (as have a number of other folks) to tell her that this has the propensity to jump up in the damnedest places sometime in the future...right when it'll be the most unflattering position to have taken (in light of the offices she may seek.)

Stephen G. Nichols said...

So, the BoS played chicken and guess who lost today. We, the People did. I spoke with Ms. Burk just yesterday, in a last-ditch effort to make her see things the way they are rather than the way she wants them to be. Her response to my question about what's next when you vote BRMC down: After the vote, we'll see about putting something together to get you folks an Emergency Room down along Rt. 50.
When I specifically reminded her that I had seen the latest letter from HCA to the BoS and that HCA did not seem to be ready to blink, her response was akin to "Don't be so sure about that. I'm sure we'll be able to work something out." BS, Ms. Burk.
And for the rest of the NO votes -- except Stevens Miller, who publicly stated that he was only voting no to preserve his option to call for a reconsideration -- I offer a hearty, "Thanks, for nothing."

The Bulletproof Monk said...

See the latest post and feel free to comment there.