Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rehash of Powerlines.

A new comment brought out lots of new thought on the matter. I actually should have done an update after I attended a preliminary meeting on the matter in Lovettsville, Va which brought quite a bit of information to light, as well as being attended very well. There were folks from Frederick County, Va as well as a few from nearby Frederick, Md.

First info on the matter

See the comments.

The overall focus should be that these lines aren't even needed and the Utility's own study is flawed in that it "creates" a need for these lines where there is no evidence or fact that supports that.


Lee J. said...

Monk just wait till they fill up with what is left of eastern LOudoun with energy gobbling polluting non leed certified data centers and industrial. That is giving the power company a green light to crave up even more of western Loudoun.

As far as stopping these latest cravings, I don't believ there is a chance in hell anyone will stop this insanity. We must build energy self efficient green and leed certified both the buildings and the landscaping exclusively. If not western loudoun is going to look more and more like a si fi movie with those towering monoliths craving out more and more of the countryside. The power company is only looking out for themselves to that dirty polluting coal plants in western Virginia that is producing this cheap electricity.

Everyone insistent on green and leed certified everything from now on to slow this insanity.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Wow. Lee, I want you to reread what you posted and make a concise point. Then post it in regular english.

I should also point out that these lines are not for any service to Virginia. Since you obviously missed that in the original text.

These lines are going thru Virginia to forward electricity from Ohio, where there is not enough market to keep the old coal burning plant in business, to NY and NJ. And there is opposition to the line in those states already.

Now, when we get to the LEED certification, and green building technology, I'm right there. We have to embrace it, if only to recycle or stretch limited resources.

But these lines are not even needed, because the charts and research done by PJM do not reflect solar and other renewable sources of power already reducing the need in the targeted area.
The projected usage is actually falling because of the use of renewables and people watching their consumption in an effort to reduce bills.

Lee J. said...

Monk I know these are just passing thru Virginia and not stopping here.

I was just making a bigger point if eastern loudoun does not stop to think about what they are building and how it is and will affect the environment in the years to come we will be carving up more of western loudoun to feed eastern loudoun which would not be necessary with some thought to build as green as we can.

You have a beautiful piece of property and it will be crime if they carve thru your property. We all must ban together to stop this from ever being built. especially since they are not even neccessary. I fully support you and everyone that is trying to stop this.

Lee J. said...

I will add there is some amazing technology out there in the latest in solar and wind and geo thermo. We have been using geo thermo the last 3 or 4 years in the homes we have designed and built in western loudoun and it is amazing how low the utility bills are on these homes as large as 25,000 sq ft. Far cheaper then my home which is a faction of their sizes.

Also in California there are now companies that are now supplying and installing solar panels and wind turbines like the cable company supplies a dish. Not a good comparison but what is happening these companies basically supply and install and maintain the solar panels for no cost up front and you sign a contract for lets say 25 years they then charge you a certain price per watt far below the power company that stays at that price for the entire contract. Any electricity that is sold back to the power company you split what the power company pays you back. This makes it easier for the average person to afford solar without the huge up front costs. I hope this spreads across America and the world.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

I'm aware of these programs. I've done quite a bit of investigating myself. I have looked at wind and solar. My next door neighbor has a 3.2 kWh set-up, and it cost $30K.

I'd welcome the set-ups where the only thing they require from me is a place to mount those panels. There is a company that's doing elevated panels over parking lots. They provide shade for the vehicles, and then provide electricity to the grid after they power the stores in the shopping center.
BP in Frederick, Md. powers their whole building off of the photovoltaic cells that occupy every sqwaure foot of their roof exterior. I think that there isa still massive feed into the grid on what's left over.