Saturday, January 31, 2009

Iraq wraps up elections!!

There was an almost American out-pouring of people voting and being able to select their representatives without bloodshed or violence. Actually, their "turnout" was much better.

We done good.

There will be "some" misteps, but overall, there is a new face on how things get done in Iraq.
We've come a long way, baby.
Thanks, again... Mr. Bush.


Alter of Freedom said...

You got that right. Not that you will here about on any of the news outlets though.

Its shameful the way they manipulate things to suit there own petty agenda.

Media today owe people like Walter Cronkite an apology IMHO. They have managed to shred every bit of integrity from the news media.

We should be celebrated this time for Iraq and in doing so celebrate all of those lives that fought to bring these days about.

How can they have honor friend when they deny the victory that is blossoming before that new democracy's eyes.

We should be celebrated this moment as a means of sending a message to all that oppose freedom; that you will lose in the end. Instead our own media wants to hide the progress and the voting because it does not fit into their little paradigm of Bush was wrong, Bush was wrong!!!

Instead they have moved on to Gaza and will now do there best the prop up Obama's world view through that situation, ignoring the success in Iraq along the way.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

I agree with your very-well-put observations. After five generations of fighting men in our family (I'm a Marine)we finally did not see my nephew come home from Iraq. He, and all those who gave different measures (but all extremely significant offerings)are to be commended. We're having a get together on The Mall on the 4th of April to commemorate their sacrifices.All will be welcome.
Keep your eye out for a post here on the details of that date.

Alter of Freedom said...

Thank you for alerting me to that event. I will mark that on my calender.

I also served in the Marines. Semper Fi.