Wednesday, January 28, 2009

John Brownlee. The "smart" choice For Virginia AG.

The "thinking" Republican's choice.

Here's a short bit on experience. I'll draw a few more lines on the post as time allows over the next day or two.

Quick link to the graph's originator:
Westlaw Profiler is a proprietary tool created by Westlaw to provide competitive intelligence for lawyers about their opponents in civil litigation. Profiler automatically scans Westlaw, and creates a list of the number of times an attorney's name appears in Westlaw. It includes things like the number of federal court cases in which an attorney has appeared (for our nonlawyer readers, when a lawyer "enters an appearance" he or she puts his or her name on the record as representing a party with an interest in a case), a list of all of the official and unofficial published opinions resulting from the lawyer's cases, the number of jury trials conducted and the results of those jury trials, settlement reports of cases, and so forth.


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Ric James said...

Good post, and good insight. Thanks for your thoughts!