Friday, July 30, 2010

Lessons from Meatloaf (Like a Bat outta Hell)

Lessons for Liberals: "There ain't no Coupe DeVille hidin' at the bottom of the CrackerJack box"
Every action made right now that buries small business in the papertrail is inching some towards closing the doors and just letting more people go from their payrolls.
Every new law that targets the small businesses across America is closing down the largest collective source of the new jobs that we need so desperately.

This appears to be foisted upon us by a group who has never owned anything, and never had to manage any aspect of the business world. This is why it is so dangerous to have them implementing the policies that manage the actions of small business.

On top of all that, they are spending three times the money spent by Bush, all the while laying blame back on Bush for the past 18 months of chaos. Look dems.....grow a set and stop whining. If you had a friggin' clue about where jobs come from, you'd get off of small business' back and work harder for them.

I have to search for it, but I saw a brilliant layout of Reagan vs. Obama job creation...month for month. As much as this administration likes to crow about their job growth, they suck. They wouldn't even give Carter a run for his money, much less Reagan.

Bringing this to a head, I recently reviewed Wolf's competition's website (no, you will not get a link here)...because he's engaged a reply button to his posting apparatus.And I foolishly thought he'd allow the posting of arguments based in fact and devoid of cussing and such language. I was incorrect.
My post was kicked out as "spam". Guess I'd like a look at exactly what his "filter" is spitting out. Bet all of the filter words are ones contained in the following:

Two rules in politics. Never ask a question you do not know the answer to...Never acknowledge your opponent if he's not gaining any traction. Oh yeah...third rule - never NAME your opponent when all that does is add name recognition.
With regard to Jeff's outlined tasks...
"I am running for Congress because our district needs someone who believes in stepping up to our problems, not passing the buck to the next generation of Virginia." Jeff, you've got a lot of nerve even saying that and running as a democrat.
Under this administration, those who could choose to purchase health insurance at their leisure before this congress engaged in it's terminal run, are now forced to buy it or pay a huge fine. Nice going. Now they'll have to decide between food or insurance.
And with the way dems are spending money (we're awfully close to a 100% of GDP....that's never been done or anything close to it to this date) -- I'm personally glad Frank Wolf has been there to say "enough".

"We need to focus on producing economic growth while helping families keep their homes, sparking the next generation of job growth, creating the next generation of transportation, and achieving national security."

You're damned right we do. So stop Cap and Trade job killing legislation, rescend the Healthscare fiasco that has so many boots on the throats of your main employment engine (the small businesses across Virginia) - start enforcing the rule of law on immigration and stop passing the buck to that next generation that you don't want to saddle. If you really want to help, get off the taxpayer's back....don't put your boot on his neck.

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