Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Troubling patterns of outright dismissal

Liberals have now had a Judge overturn the Prop 8 legislation. (you know - the one where overwhelmingly the people of California voted to ban gay marraige?).
Now, anytime leaders host a referendum, they're pretty much stuck with what the voters say in that referendum. It's the rule of the majority.

Here we have the same thing happening in overturning portions of Arizona's Immigration Law that are supported by some 60% to 70% of Arizona's citizens.

Need we mention that Virginia is now being reinforced by a vote in Missouri that yeilded 71% of the voters backing a measure to toss out the enforced healthcare purchase or the fines for not doing so.

Think liberals will pay any attention to that? Probably not.....they're far too busy administering what is good for defined by them.
In this election year, that 71% is a pretty good indication (as good or better than any other polling)that Dems in Missouri who supported HealthScare are toast.

Combined with the election of the Republicans in Virginia, New Jersey and , dare I point out, Massachusetts....Democrats who supported HealthScare, Cap and Trade and the bloated Stimulus package that was passed around as candy to those dems....are also toast.

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