Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sadly, it is that time of year, again.

As many know, I lost my only nephew in 2006 in Bagdhad, Iraq.
September 3rd is the anniversary of his departure from this world, and a lone buglar will sound TAPS at his gravesite at exactly 6:30 PM EST.
I will be observing a moment of silence at that time. I offer this information for anyone who is moved to do so as well.
I have been moved by the kindness and the offerings to me and my family by friends (many who did not personally know EJ)and aquaintances.
I thank all of you for your support in these years since EJ's departure, and want you to know that you've made the transition back to life possible.


Joe Budzinski said...

It's a very sad thing, Monk. You do your nephew's family and all of us a service by recalling his life.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Thanks for the comment, Joe...but it's truly EJ and his mother's friends and my many friends that have pulled us thru this, and for that, we're all VERY grateful.