Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Catching up on my life....

Aside from the recent ramblings from some who continue to fill my e-mail box with garbage for races as far away as South Carolina -- and then bitch when I tell them to delete my address from their list --- life is going swimmingly. Of course I'm prepared for November. I plan a huge undertaking to increase Frank Wolf's percentage over Barnett by unbelievable numbers in a solid trounce.

But right now, I'm in the stride of summer. I'm working quite a bit this year with an uncommon amount of jobs....all of them occurring concurrently, too. It is basically a great time to throw some money back for the famine just around the corner. When those Bush Tax Cuts end, you'll see what I mean. This is the last chance to employ those cuts and their benefits. Next year, the smart money is going to clamp down -- and find a floorboard somewhere.

Along with that, there's long days and sunset that doesn't come until 8:00 or 9:00....and me slaving over my latest project in the shop.


I stripped another truck to the frame and cut all of the floorboards and cab completely off, leaving only the engine, transmission and the footwells.
Then I drew up the skeleton of this monster and began to attach it and square it.


After the basic skeleton was complete, I attached it to the donor and began making the interior sheetmetal, as well as reforming the firewall. I set out to mock the original 6061 aluminum stamped pieces of the real thing, so that once it's all covered in Linex, only the true expert can see that it's not original.


Yesterday, I hinged the hood and completed the new supports that will permanently join the new body to it's older frame. Today, after I finished my work for the day, I went back down and cut more steel for the fab of the floorboards and door hinges.
I recently aquired a full Kevlar top for this thing, and the gentleman also provided those four slick Kevlar doors from a military unit.(Thanks so much, CW)


If I actually finish the body by September, I should be well into relocating the brake, the steering wheel and box, the accelerator and the center tunnel dress up and complete all the wiring by next time to go topless!

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