Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cap and Trade looms.

In an earlier posting I pointed out that the next generations will inevitably get left holding the Obama joke bag.... But wait, there's more.

In the newest Cap and Trade legislation - they propose to opt for a licensing for your home....the building. You'll need to get federal approval before you sell.
In order to get that approval, you need to have your residence evaluated to a standard that they will determine. If you don't pass - you need to invest in the repairs and services to get it up to their standard in order for them to allow you to sell it.

Sounds pretty bad so far, huh? It gets worse.

The opening standard was pretty lax, but each year , they'll enable themselves to raise that standard....until an overhaul is pretty darned expensive.

This travesty has passed the House...and it's headed for the Senate.

You youngin's wanted change? Now change involves an efficiency apartment for life, if this passes.

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