Tuesday, August 4, 2009

WHOA!!! What is this???

This looks interesting. A certified copy of a registered birth. To the Obamas. In Kenya. Entered at the District Registry Office the 9th of August, 1961.


The release of the purported Kenyan birth certificate immediately prompted hundreds to challenge its validity.

As the document mentioned here became known as a forgery---I have a huge amount of dissappointment and disdain for the retard who tried to foist it upon us. God knows there's enough proof without manufacturing it.
In most recent news....Obama hasn't opened his records (any of them--so much for transparency, right?)radically changing course from the actions of every president before him since 1988. All of them produced their records (even if some of them did it grudgingly)...but this current guy is somehow above that. I guess he calls this stalling.... "change".

Here's the hypocrite of the week.


Dan said...

It seems you forgot to do an update to this post. Is the new story that Obama was born in Australia?

And that looney toon, Orly Taitz, is now attacking the poor Australian fellow whose birth certificate she used as the template for her rather clumsy forgery. She is claiming his birth certificate is a forgery concocted to discredit her obvious forgery.

I won't join those who make fun of Taitz for having received her law degree from a correspondence school. She passed the bar exam on the first try and I give her points for that. But she submitted her forgery as evidence in one of the silly lawsuits she has initiated. She can -- and should -- lose her license to practice law for that.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

Dan, This may surprise you...but if she indeed forged any document, she definitely should lose her license. I'm an equal opportunity basher. What should have been the punishment for the Dan Rather Bush service forgery should also be the punishment here.
She did the argument and the movement harm. There is plenty of credible evidence without manufacturing it.