Monday, August 17, 2009

Recession over? They're joking, right??

If not, they should focus on the fact that there were 2 year, three year, and five year ARMs that were financed. Sometime in our immediate future...those 5 year ARM loans are going to need their balloon payments or a refinance. Consider that the jobs that have been lost by many who have those ARMs leave those refinances out of the question....
Speaking of unemployment, as I've reported before--- 15 states have reported 10% unemployment when Obama promised that the bail-out would stop job loss at 8%.
And to be fair...some have exhausted their benefits and are no longer being counted in that number-- which makes the artificial number even happier than the reality of the situation.
I'd say that it's a torpedo headed right at Obama's inadequate planning...again. This guy was supposed to be "bright", "talented" and "messiah-like".
So far, all Americans have seen is the bumbling "hot-ready-for-prime-time grab-ass that was predicted by those who looked at his real record.

Add to that ... his personal popularity is diving along with the healthcare debacle....and some 57 % of us do not want democrats working on this problem by themselves. They trust the Republicans an awful lot more with the decisions.

Pile on a report-your-neighbor website that collected e-mails and an overly anxious Axelrod sending out SPAM to those e-mails...and this is approaching a written comedy.
But we can't afford to laugh. If they pass any of this before 2010, we're screwed.
The Calvary is on the way, people. But we need to hold the fort until they arrive.

In 2010, it is now anticipated that the Republicans will make huge gains to combat this lunacy, as I predicted. You cannot lurch to the liberal side when 40 % of us self-identify as conservatives, and a mere 15% self-identify as liberals.
Dissing your constituents and charging them $25 to attend your town hall meeting is a general invitation to insanity, dems. What the hell were you thinking?


Lovettsville Lady said...

Looks like even more identify as conservatives:

The Bulletproof Monk said...

WASHINGTON - After insisting no one was receiving unsolicited e-mails from the White House, officials reversed their story Monday night and blamed outside political groups for the unwanted messages from the tech-savvy operation.

They can't even "own up" effectively'.

LL, I was using the first numbers I came to in a poll.Glad to see any news in that direction, because it stops him and his minions cold. Before they do lasting damage.