Sunday, August 2, 2009

Greetings! Oh...further meetings will now be cancelled.

Rep. Tim Bishop, D-N.Y., has called off all of his further events. He tried to have a townhall meeting in Setauket, N.Y., but evidently when the folks weren't thrilled with his message, and the protesters dominated the meeting by shouting criticisms at the congressman for his positions on energy policy, health care and the auto bailout..he called the police and cancelled out. How far out of sync does one have to be?? Tim, I really hope when you're up for reelection, you'll take a lesson from this experience. You're accountable, and the people are not lemmings-- much to your dismay.

Similarly,Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn), Sen. Claire McCaskill(D-MO), Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-Tex), Rep. Allen Boyd (D-Fla),and more locally, Rep. Thomas Perriello, (D-Va) have all had town meetings that started to go off the track they had intended.
This is DIRECTLY proportionate with the tin ear that these Democrats have used to listen to the majority of their voters. In fact...the latest Rasmussen Polling indicates that an alarming 59% of the population of the US does not support Cap N'Trade or health care reform as the Democrats have framed it.

Recently, our old favorite. Diane(It's alright for me to carry a concealed weapon, but not the little people)Feinstein threw several of the elderly out of her Los Angeles office because she didn't like their attitude when they finally figured out that she thought they were expendable in her version of the AARP endorsed bills..

UPDATE: Today, Aug.5th, two more Dems went home to Arkansas to heated Town Halls.
And there are some of the liberal dipshits who insist that the same group is coordinating the outrage at all of these Town Halls...across the country. THAT IS DENIAL, folks.

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