Saturday, December 31, 2011

Project progress

Some have said that a year of building a complete vehicle is too long. It most certainly is not for the novice, I'll grant that. I had the body and outside finished before a summer was over. Like anything one's the little things that kill (time).

The exterior dimensions (made of a wooden buck and framing) started back in 2010. As I pulled dimensions and ergonomics from that model, applied them in a steel spaceframe and aquired actual pieces to gather more dimensional information, the clock ticked. As early as late 2010, I had completed the spaceframe and backbone of the project, and began sourcing more parts for it's completion.

The windshield, the "B" pillar, and the hood are all real M1097/998 pieces. That left front fenders, rear quarters, bed and fender boxes to me. I drew each piece out in an autocad program, purchased the steel plate, and cut out, bent, hammered and welded/riveted each piece that was not a real M1097 piece.

I finally fitted the firewall and floorpans into the vehicle amidst a very busy election primary cycle in mid 2011... and then I had the rear storage pans under the bed to finish after that.

As of last night, I had pulled the military Kevlar full top and wrapped up the purchase in October of a sheet of steel to make my own 2 man hardtop. I finished the hammer and dolly work, the welding, the 3M NASCAR panel tape work on the inside of the top...and today, it's ready for paint....and a rear window.

2012 will begin with a bang as I search for the perfect high horsepower engine transplant and tranny. The fabrication stage is almost over. The axles are placed, and the interior is all but completed.


Andy Catsakis said...

Lookin good!

Dulles Voter said...

Hi. This is an off topic question. I have no experience with vehicles, engines etc. (just so that's understood upfront). My husband had purchased a surplus military diesel generator, however it needs some work to get up and running. He's in a bit over his head with this. I have no idea where to get help with this. I don't suppose you have any idea who might have experience with diesel generators who could either fix our generator or help walk my husband through fixing our generator? I know it's probably a long shot but I thought I'd ask.

The Bulletproof Monk said...

I am so sorry this took so long... but sign up on or Steel Soldiers and post it there. They are very knowledgeable and friendly and he'll have it up and running in no time with their help..